September 2016

  • Orbit Renderer, More Tax Stuff, and Partial OOO

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    Hey Folks! Today was a continuation of yesterday's flight management UI work with some tax spelunking thrown in for good measure.

    The tax situation has improved slightly, as I did some more reading, and I think I can sell the Android version in the US, Canada, the EU, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and Norway while only having to handle sales tax for Washington, US customers. Possibly Japan, too. That may not be too bad. But it leaves a vast swath of the world in question. (E.g. Russia, China, India, Mexico, and about 100 other countries)

  • Flight Management Rendering, and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! So my foray into flight management continued today, but I hit a bit of a downer early on.

  • Flight Management System

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    Hey Folks! Finally decided to get back to the space prototype today. With Tiago working on the UI zoom feature, the web team working on the first functioning site draft, and a game title that is still (fingers crossed!) viable, I figured I'd turn my attention to the neglected prototype.

  • We Got One!...?

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    I think we may have a winner! After a list of progressively shorter game titles, I reached a point where I thought, "okay, this is getting so short that it no longer tells anything about the game." Plus, the logo looked nicer, and more akin to NEO Scavenger's, if I made it longer again.

  • Logos and Lenses

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    Hey folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was actually a nice, relaxing one. And for some inexplicable reason, I had a burning urge to make a first-person shooter all weekend. Still like the idea, which means it goes into the old idea folder for another time when I'm unshackled by responsibilities :)

  • It Happened Again!

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    Looks like that name I was crowing about yesterday is also already another game. This one not-yet-released, but legit enough to warrant a course correction. I mean, it's great to be discovering this all now rather than after I've launched. Saves me the trouble of rebranding and confusing fans. But still. Sheesh! I can't seem to win on this one.

    Back to the drawing board.

  • Scratch That

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    Well, it looks like I messed up. The name I had been running with is actually already used by another recent game. Which is a pity, as I was really starting to like the logo.

    On the plus side, however, the part I liked most about the logo can remain, and the part that needs to change is really easy to change. So I set about vetting some alternate titles today, and I'm narrowing the field. In fact, I may have an alternate that works even better. Score one for constraints producing better work, I guess?

  • Mobile Demo and Space Logo Work

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    Hey Folks! Still working on demo and logo today, and while the latter is certainly something to look at, I don't want to release it before I'm certain :)

    The demo took the bulk of my day, as I finished upgrading all the encounters, triggers, creatures, and other bits from the old demo build to the new full version's engine. Quite a bit of data had changed, either from bug fixes or from new features (e.g. point-costs for skills), so it was a lot of file-diffs and judgement. I think the data is done now, though, and we can resume work on the code aspects!

  • Music and Demo

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    Hey Folks! Not much to show today, as it was more behind-the-scenes type stuff. Though some of it was still fun.

    First up was a conference call with the web development firm. We went over the latest mockups, and I think we're pretty settled on the new design. The next step is for them to make an actual web layout based on our mockups. And I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out. We're gonna really class-up the joint :)

  • Content Review Bonanza

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We had a dinner guest Saturday, and that meant wine and steamed mussels. A nice treat! And a bit of a rough next morning :)

    Also, a lot of content has piled-up over the weekend, as I had new website mockups, a new track from Josh, and a new mobile NS build all waiting for me this morning. Lot's of catching-up to do!

  • Mobile Button Bug, and Logo Work

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    Hey Folks! Split the day 50/50 on mobile and space prototype today.

    The mobile work was fixing buttons in the new engine. There was the seemingly minor issue of some buttons remaining highlighted after being clicked when they shouldn't be. I figured this'd be another simple one to snipe while Tiago handles bigger fish.

    Not so!

  • More Title Searching

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    Hey Folks! Mostly focused on more title brainstorming today, continuing yesterday's efforts.

  • Mobile Bugs, and Space Prototype Name

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    Hey Folks! Spent most of the day tackling some more mobile bugs today. I actually managed to fix two more!

    The first was a bug with item mirroring. Items such as shoes were not appearing mirrored when they should be, both while uninstalled and installed on a socket. This turned out to be related to the way the new engine loads images. It uses sprite atlases instead of individual images, for performance reasons, and this meant some differences to how sprites get flipped horizontally. I was able to consolidate the mirroring code, and all seems well now.

  • It's Official: Josh Culler Returns for New Project!

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    Good news, everyone! Joshua Culler is officially signed on as composer for the space prototype!

    NEO Scavenger players will recognize his work as composer on the 2014 game, and he's also been busy working on the Underrail OST. His signature style has lent an eerie, gritty atmosphere to NEO Scavenger, and I'm glad to have him contributing to this new venture.

    It's still early, and we're tossing ideas around, but his sample work so far for the new game sounds good. Can't wait for you all to hear it!

  • More Video, With Explanations!

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    Some of you rightly pointed out last week that the video leaves a lot to be desired in terms of context. So today, I've recorded a longer video where I explain a bit more about what's going on. So without further ado, context!

    Explain yourself, dcfedor! And as always, let me know if you have any questions or comments!

  • Air Pressure Sensors Are Working!

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    Hey Folks!

    Got another video today! This time: pressure sensors and gas flow!

    More info in the YouTube description, for those who want details. I'll let the video do the talking today :)

  • Pressure Sensors

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    Hey Folks! Finally got the minor toggle issues squared away this morning. Not perfect, but it's working well enough to move on. And I was thinking a next step to try is wiring these toggle switches to something more significant, like air pumps.

    As you might remember, I created an airpump and air tank, as well as some gas simulation code for ships:


  • Toggle UI Functioning, Minor Bugs

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    Hey Folks! I finally got the toggle UI functional! After several days of writing code I'm not sure I understand anymore, I was able to setup this really basic example:


    Toggle panel setup for two airlocks.

    In the above pic, the right side shows the ship layout, and the left side shows the Toggle UI.

  • Airlock Toggle

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. As most of you probably guessed, I was OOO yesterday due to the national holiday. I'm back today, though, and cracking away at this toggle UI.

    I'm getting close, but still running into issues. As of today, I can now wire-up my toggle switches to do one thing when "on" and another when "off." It'll show the user what items are connected via conduit and which support interactions, and the user can simply press the button for the desired interaction on each toggle's inputs.

  • 4x Toggle Control Panel Almost Working

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    Hey Folks! I've almost got this toggle panel running in-game. I added the requisite data in the game files for it, cobbled together a tile sprite for the ship, fixed up some bugs in the code, and we're just about there.