August 2016

  • Toggle Switches

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    Hey Folks! Most of today's work was on toggle switches for the ship.

    All of the previous GUI work I've been doing was partially to get the general GUI system running, and to make it support signal conduits, the ship editor, selection brackets, and AI. The first test UI was a non-interactive meter that the user could wire to various items on the ship.

  • Atmo Pump 1 is Go. Atmo Pump 2 Is Go...

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    Hey Folks! I think I've finally got the GUI system behaving as it should. I had to make a few more changes so each item could list more than one copy of a GUI type at a time, as well as some code to make sure each GUI's settings were being saved and restored correctly. That goes for both changing scenes in-game, as well as saving out to a file and loading again between sessions.

    Coupled with a minor fix to the unique ID system to avoid creeping IDs between scenes, and I was finally able to edit, save, load, and use GUIs!

  • A Little Bit of Everything Day

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I got off to a late start today, but still managed to get a little bit of everything done today.

    Most of the stuff was administrative. Chatting with Josh about the soundtrack contract (space game), a conference call with the website developers (website), and catching-up with Tiago (mobile).

    However, once that was done, I decided to jam in what prototyping I could in the remaining time. And in fact, I tackled more than expected!

  • Mobile Data Loading and Space Prototype GUI Work

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    Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed day today. Mobile-related work in the morning, and space prototype in the afternoon.

  • Mobile Demo Prep

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    Another mobile day today, as I continue getting demo data ready for the new engine.

    I'm working my way backwards through the game data to compare current data to the old demo data. The reason from starting at the end is because treasuretables are a big part of the difference, with the demo having fewer items to choose from. Recipes have to be trimmed down to the bare minimum, and the map needs the special hexes removed.

  • Contracts and Mobile Progress

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    Hey Folks! Busy day today, though more managerial in nature.

    My first task was to draft a work contract for Josh to do the soundtrack. He's basically ready to go, we've hashed out rough terms, and we're in the process of finding a contract that works. Assuming all looks well to him, we should be able to commence soon!

    And although it only took a line or two to mention that, it took hours to put together. And not exactly fun work :)

  • Mobile Achievements, Leaderboards, and Demo

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    Hey Folks! Continuing this week's focus on mobile dev, I've started looking into some interesting new developments in the world of NEO Scavenger: achievements and leaderboards!

  • Changing Gears to Mobile for a Bit

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Outside of family stuff, chores, and melting in the inferno that was Saturday's weather, I racked up a fair amount of hours in Enter the Gungeon. I think my brain needed a break from slower strategy and role-playing, and it was a nice (and surprisingly deep) experience!

    Back at the office, I decided to tackle the tasks accumulating in the mobile project. Tiago's been hammering away at performance, bugs, and lately, store integration, and we're really getting close to the end here. In fact...

  • Control Panel Signal Selector

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    Hey Folks! More progress today on the control panel configuration UI. It's actually at the point now where certain settings result in a functional control panel! And work is shifting to fixing edge cases and bugs.

    Here's a snapshot:


    Choosing which input the control panel is wired to.

  • Signal Conduit Selector UI

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    Hey Folks! Continuing work on the signal conduit system today. I managed to put a lot of code down, but I still have a bit more to go before it does anything.

    The main thing today was getting the control panel to query its tiles for any devices that fit the criteria for input. This includes anything sharing a tile with the panel (e.g. the battery itself in the battery charge panel), as well as any distant device connected by a conduit. This info is then stored on the panel, so the user can choose which input they want to hook up (if any).

  • Signal Conduits

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    Hey Folks! Work continues today on the in-game item UIs and the signal conduits for them. I've gotten a few steps closer to a working wiring system.

  • Some New Thoughts On Shipboard Item UI

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    Hey Folks! I tried to put my head down today and focus on gamedev, and got a fair amount of work done.

    I had a thought last night about a different way to wire-up the ship items using an in-game UI. Rather than clicking on an item and filling-in a bunch of text fields when building the ship, it might be more intuitive and fun to do it graphically. Plus, I can probably simplify things for the user in the process.

  • GUI Editing, Mobile Update

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty quiet here, all things considered. Finally a break from trips, appointments, gatherings, and other interruptions. A few weeks of no obligations ahead, yay! Except for chores, errands, baby stuff, and the usual, that is :)

    I was only able to do a little gamedev today, but I actually have some visible results to show. As mentioned Friday, I was hoping to get some UI fields on screen for when a user chooses an item and then a GUI for that item to be edited. After some mucking around, I came up with this brutally ugly UI:

  • GUI Property Maps

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    Hey Folks! Another largely business-admin day today, but I did manage to get back to gamedev later on in the afternoon.

  • Short Day, Admin Tasks

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    Hey Folks! Just a short update today as a chunk was spent at the dentist, and since I was in that part of town, the office supply store for some corporate binder stuff.

    Most of the morning was spent doing some site update and maintenance tasks, and then following--up on emails. So not much to report there.

    However, I did get a bit more work done on the in-game item UIs. Nothing new to show yet, but I'm starting to work out how the user can edit the in-game item UI properties. Hopefully, more on that tomorrow!

  • Welcome To Our Latest Mod: layarion!

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    Hey Folks! I forgot to mention yesterday that we have a new mod: layarion!

    You've probably seen him around the modding forums, as well as the website suggestions forum. He's been a pretty active member helping folks where he can, as well as making his own mods, and has a particular passion for improving documentation and usability on the site.

    Welcome aboard, layarion!

  • Editing Item GUIs

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    Hey Folks! I tried something new today: using to track my gamedev time vs. business and non-work tasks. As of this news post, I'm at 7h30 of work, with about 3h30 of that spent on gamedev, 1h40 on business admin tasks, and 2h20 on non-work (eating, showering, child-wrangling, making coffee, in roughly that order). I'll likely have another 30 minutes of admin by the time this post is done.

  • Item and Interaction GUIs

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    Hey Folks! I actually snuck a little bit of gamedev in today. Hooray! I basically had to tell myself that before lunch, no other stuff would interrupt. Just pure dev.

    As a result, I've made some progress on the in-game UIs for interacting with items. As mentioned two weeks ago, I started with a simple battery charge UI to get the system working:


  • Mobile, Website, and Music Talk

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours started out crazy as we planned a birthday gathering, but mercifully quieted down on Sunday so we could get our lives back together :)

    Today, I had a few more business-y things to catch up on. First up was the website.

    After Friday's mockup review, I created a mockup of my own to send to the designers, and we hashed-out ideas and feedback this morning. They're going to take that input and run with it, and explore two of the stronger ideas we've discussed so far. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

  • Website Fancification

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    Hey Folks! Another non-dev day today. Although, not a business admin day either, which is always nice. "What else is there," you ask? Why, fancifying the website!

    The Jibe sent over their first mockups of the new homepage this morning, based on our discussions so far. We had already agreed upon a general wireframe for the page, so this was mostly mocking up colors, fonts, and design elements to make it look more finished.