July 2016

  • Website and Mobile Work, and OOO

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    Hey Folks! Not much to report on the gamedev side today. Mostly spent time on website planning and mobile development. Though, both are approaching some really interesting milestones.

    The website is now in the design phase, and we're going over font and color scheme treatments, and have most pages wireframed. Soon, we may start having some cool mockups!

  • Click to Interact and Launch UI

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    Hey Folks! Finally got back to some gamedev today. I returned to work on the ship equipment UI system, and I think I have a working prototype now, albeit with minor issues to sort out.

    Basically, I've setup a way for the game to launch different UIs based on what the AI is doing at the time. This is the precursor to controlling important ship actions using the crew.

  • Epic Paperwork Continues

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We're gearing-up for a camping trip later this week, so we broke out the tent and took a test nap in it. Looking forward to getting some not-computer-time :)

  • GUI Baby Steps, and Business

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    Another mixed dev and business day. Though, I had a special treat today!

  • Equipment UIs, and Business Stuff

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    Hey Folks! Short dev day today as I had to take care of some business banking stuff. But I think I've figured out where to "jam" next: equipment UIs.

  • Batteries Working

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    Hey Folks! Got the batteries working today. And also a slight change to the power transmission system.

    Yesterday's post prompted some useful discussion of the power system, and Malocodor's suggestion turned out to be a better approach than mine. I originally had each of the powered items check surroundings and try to draw power from them, and each of those surroundings would chain-request power back towards the source. This worked, but required the system to re-check each request.

  • More Power!

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    Work continues today on the power system.

    I think I've got a working set of code to emulate power needs on a ship, and I'm now in the process of filling-in some content to test it. And since seeing it makes it easier to explain, here's what I have so far:


    Comes in trusty Weyland Yutani blue!

  • The Power Is Yours! Also, Sale!

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty low-key, here. Yard work, a park visit, Skyping with family. Maybe a quintessential summer weekend?

  • Air Tanks

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    Hey Folks! I think I've got the air tanks up and running now. I spent most of the day fixing up the code for gas pumping to be compatible with both rooms and items, and then setup an "Air Canister" item to test pumping gas into a non-room item. Here's how it looks right now:


    Like a colorful tax rate table.

  • Air Pumps, Respiration, and Filters

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    I did some refactoring today, to try and get the recently-added respiration code to work for things like air pumps and filters, too. I think I've got most of the code and data for it in place now, and I'm in the process of debugging it.

  • Breath of Fresh Air

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    The AIs are finally breathing!

  • Hard-Coded Thermodynamics

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    Hey Folks! I went ahead and hard-coded the gas exchange stuff today, as mentioned yesterday.

  • Management, and Simulation Thoughts

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty low-key here. Though, we finally got a new bed. Yay! No more sleeping on layers of scavenged mattress topper foam and a box spring! I know, I know. How un-NEO Scavenger of me. But it was finally time to have a grown-up bed :)

  • Respiration, Air Pumps, and Partial Pressure

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    Hey Folks! I think I got the partial pressure stuff from yesterday figured out.

    It turns out the error I was seeing yesterday was due to the way I derived room pressure after exchanging the gases and temperatures. The underlying molar gas amounts were accurate, but the pressure resulting from them was being calculated incorrectly. After some fixing, I was finally seeing rooms equalize pressure after a few seconds of being exposed to each other.

  • Partial Pressure Partially Working

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    Hey Folks! Today I dug deeper into the system I spoke about the other day. The one where the AI can interact with gases in the room to simulate breathing, asphyxiation, and gaseous poisoning.

  • Certificates, Profiles, and Provisions, Oh My...

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    Hey Folks! Today was sort of a mixed bag of administrative and development tasks.

    The admin stuff largely consisted of getting an Apple developer account setup for testing mobile games. And let's just say it's not a straightforward process. So far, I've had to:

  • NEO Scavenger Mobile Bugs

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I neglected to mention Friday that this was a long weekend due to the holiday yesterday. Sorry! We didn't get to see fireworks yesterday due to a certain sleeping baby. However, she did afford us an excuse to go watch some planes landing at Boeing Field. Including a B-25 and P-51! Big, rumbly, WWII engines are cool.

    Today was a non-dev day. However, it was actually pretty productive. I wrapped-up a bunch of art assets in a zip file for the web developers to look over, and then dove into NEO Scavenger mobile.

  • AI Using Doors; Room Atmo Using Condition System

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    Hey Folks! More progress today on the latest two additions to the game. And while the work doesn't include new systems, it goes quite a way towards making both of these game-ready and interactive.

    First, I finished up getting the AI to work with doors. AI now can pathfind through closed doors, and if a closed door is in the path, the AI will stop, interact with it, and wait for the door to open before continuing. And in theory, the doors should adhere to all the usual interaction rules, so AI's shouldn't run into issues of both using one at the same time, etc.