June 2016

  • AI Is Now Poo- I Mean, Defecating!

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    Quick update today, as I had to duck out this afternoon and tame some weeds in the yard. AI poop issues have been resolved!

    It turns out there was a bug in the way I was defining the toilet's properties that caused it to have none at all. Hence, the AI wasn't seeing it as a toilet. Once I got that fixed, there was also a small bug with the AI's initial data causing the AI to start pooping and never finish. I needed to add a second outcome to AI's poop interaction: PoopFail.

  • Potty Training the AI

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    Back to code today. Yay!

    I picked up where I left off last week with the AI's decision-making bug. It turned out to be as simple as expected. Just switch the petitioner/granter in the code block where the decision was made, and the correct AI was now deciding whether to grant the request or not.