October 2015

  • Now We May Be Getting Somewhere

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    It took a bit of doing, but I think we may be making progress again:

    IMAGE(http://bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2015-10-02.jpg) Behooooold!

    It's ugly as sin, but it at least works. After some more tinkering, I figured out that the same things I was doing to fix text input in HaxeUI work in StableXUI. Why does that matter? Well, StableXUI was easier to layout than HaxeUI.

  • TextField Progress

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    Okay, I'm starting to get somewhere.

    First of all, thanks to matsy for reminding me that HaxeUI has a text editor demo which is supposed to work on neko and windows. It prompted me to go back and take another look.

    What I discovered was that HaxeUI's text-editing works almost perfectly using "legacy" OpenFL, with one exception: the copy/cut/paste feature doesn't exist. Otherwise, I get nice line breaks on "Enter" key and highlighting across lines.