September 2015

  • Precarious Footholds

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    I keep a running devlog in my project folder. It reads like a terse transcript of everything I did that day. Usually, it's a few lines long, highlighting the features I've added, or the bugs I've fixed. The changelogs you see with each new build are usually lightly-edited versions of that devlog, minus notes to self that aren't meant for the public (e.g. installed software X, emailed contractor Y, etc.).

    Today's devlog was 28 lines long. And I didn't really get much "done." I did learn quite a bit, though.

  • Wayward Programming

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    Hey folks! Hope everyone's doing okay. Feeling a bit defeated here, mainly due to programming woes.

    I spent a bit more time trying to get flixel-ui's FlxUIInputText to work as a multi-line text field, but no dice. There seems to be some hard-coded behaviors in that class which assume a single line. Some hackery allowed me to input newline characters, but that still didn't solve the caret position and field height issues. Not wanting to waste too much time patching an unfinished system, I moved on to my next trick.

  • Away From the Precipice, and Interview

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We left the house with the baby this weekend, and made actual human contact! It was seriously good to interact with human adults for a while. They made us dinner, and it was awesome.

  • Editor TextFields, and Frustrations

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    Hey folks! After yesterday's work getting familiar with the flixel-ui and firetongue libraries, it was finally time to start trying them out.

    I started by adding a name, description, target interaction point, and checkbox field to each interaction edit UI. Adding the fields wasn't too hard, once I figured out some text formatting stuff. And I was even able to add localized strings for English/German (well, fake German) using firetongue. And for good measure, I even chose a public domain font that supports lots of language glyphs. (Hello Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic!)

  • Editors and UI

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    Since the data editor is going to have a lot of text input and other UI elements, I decided to try flixel-ui again. It's the de facto way to do UI stuff in flixel, so I might as well see if I can get it to work.

    A while back, when I last tried it, I ran into all sorts of library version conflicts, and gave up. This time, with some confidence borrowed from Lars, I tried again. I hit a compile error almost immediately, but decided to insert some shim code to hack my way around it until the libraries were more stable. It turned out to be a pretty simple null-pointer fix.

  • More Item Placement, and Editing

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    I finished working on the item placement UI helper today, and here's a shot of how it looks:

    IMAGE( What? No Murphy beds allowed?

  • Item Placement, and Reactors

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    Today's progress was impacted by a trip to town for some errands. Unfortunately, a shipment was late, meaning I had to sit around for a while and wait. So, I decided to use the time to work out some problems on good old fashioned paper. Namely, I wanted to see how I could represent complex equipment in the game. Here's the result

  • More Visibility, and Item Rotation

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Most of our weekend was, you guessed it, baby-related! Boy, they sure do eat up time. I did, however, get about 45 minutes to try out the Factorio demo. And, upon reaching the end, I threw some money their way. A very compelling demo! And since I kind of want interoperating systems on my spaceships, I thought it'd be interesting to see how other games handle them.

  • Lighting Looking Good!

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    Hey Folks! As predicted, yesterday was a bit of a wash for productivity. Most of the day was chewed up by the baby's doctor appointment and a vet run. Fortunately,'s sale finale was worth writing about!

    Even so, I did manage to get a small but important fix in for the lighting model. It corrected the star-pattern that was appearing in light calcs, which were due to the edges along each octant getting double light calcs in some cases.

    And today, after some testing, tweaking, and feature-making, check it out!

  • Last Chance to Get NEO Scavenger at -50% During's Grande Finale!

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    Hey Folks! is putting all game deals back on the table for their 24h Grande Finale!


    So if you missed NEO Scavenger's 50% off deal last week, now's your chance! As before, NEO Scavenger will not appear in the Indie Piñata, just as a 50% discount.

  • Item Placement and Lighting

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    Hey Folks! I managed to get another day of mostly coding done, which always feels good.

    First up was item placement. Yesterday's issue I noticed with the items ignoring placement rules turned out to be a minor one. For some reason, the check I added to make sure items couldn't be placed illegally was just being called in the wrong place. I'm not sure if I moved it when working on another thing, or if I was testing it some weird way. But after some moving around of code, that was working normally again.

  • A Better Line of Sight

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    Hey Folks! Today was a bit more productive, as I was able to spend most of it working directly on prototyping instead of fixing broken things. And today's highlight is this:

    IMAGE( Actual Line of Sight!

  • Haxelibs, Line of Sight, and Rooms

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. This was our final weekend of having my folks visit to help take care of the baby. We said our goodbyes this afternoon, and we are officially unsupervised parents now :)

  • NEO Scavenger 50% Off at!

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    Hey Folks!

    For the first time ever, NEO Scavenger is discounted 50%! And you can get it at's Indie Pinata Sale.

    IMAGE( NEO Scavenger 50% off deal at

  • NEO Scavenger Changelog and New UI Prototyping

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    Hey Folks!

    I finally had more time to dedicate to development today, and decided to tackle two things.

  • Always Never Update...

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    So today was a bit of a bust. I got very little done due to a server update I applied.

    I have a server (NAS) running in my apartment which I use for storing the version-controlled files for all my projects. Last month, I updated the server's OS for a security update. Unbeknownst to me, this update wiped out my version control installation on the server, causing my development machine to complain of network connection errors when I tried to update my code this morning.

  • Back from Babyland. Catching-up, Bugs, and Changelog

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    I'm back! It's been a long (and often sleepless) month, but we're finally getting the hang of parenting enough for me to start working again. The baby is healthy and has three stat bars: food, poop, and sleep. They run down about once per 2.5-3 hours each.