May 2015

  • Crew Simulation, and Condition Overhaul

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    Today, I started some more serious work on crew simulation prototype. I managed to get an animated crew sprite onto a tilemap, and was able to get it using the built-in pathfinding feature of HaxeFlixel in a relatively short time. I could click around the tilemap, and the sprite would switch animations, rotate to face travel direction, and pathfind to the endpoint.

  • New Test Build 1.1: Split Data Files for Modders

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    I've just finished uploading new test build 1.1, which introduces a new XML data format to make modding easier.

  • Orbital Prototypes...Combine and Form Super Prototype!

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    Since I got the orbital prototype up and running in a fairly accurate way, I wanted to see how it felt going between the prototypes I've been tinkering with. Namely, when the ship approaches a celestial body, I want it to switch to my "lift-off" prototype with a scrolling tilemap, and vice-versa.

    With most of the hard math out of the way, this was mainly down to two problems:

  • Split Data Files Loading, Orbital Prototype...Orbiting

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    Hey Folks!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. We were supposed to go on a mushroom walk this weekend, but it got "sunned out." That is, it's been so dry and sunny lately that the mushrooms weren't really there to be walked to. Too bad! Guess I'll have to poison myself picking wild mushrooms another year :)

    I picked up the split XML data file change this morning, and started testing it with an example mod. I took an override neogame.xml, broke it into separate XMLs, and tried loading it. And as it turns out, it broke!

  • NEO Scavenger Split Data Files

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    Hey Folks!

    I decided to turn my attention back to NEO Scavenger dev for a bit today. One of the things that came up in recent forum discussions was whether there was any way to make navigating the neogame.xml file easier. Since most IDs are numbers, and all data types live in the same XML, it can be hard to search for an item by ID (or even find the desired data type).

    To remedy this, I decided to look into breaking up the neogame.xml file into one xml per data type. E.g.


  • NEO Scavenger Update v1.06: Modding Updates and Minor Fixes

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    NEO Scavenger is now officially updated to v1.06! Since the test builds have been relatively stable, I've just finished updating the default builds to 1.06 on all sites. The "test" links are no longer necessary, and have been removed for now.

    This updates the following builds:

  • Of Course! The Argument of Periapsis!

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    As expected, today's workday was mostly interrupted by class. However, I did manage to get a couple hours of work in this afternoon.

    In case the title didn't give it away (and unless you're an astronomy nerd, it probably didn't!), it turns out I was just missing the "argument of periapsis" in my orbital prediction equation. In technical terms, this is the angle between the orbit's periapsis (closest approach to body being orbited) vector and the node of ascension (point at which the orbit crosses the ecliptic plane) vector.

  • Bug Testing and Kepler

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    Hey Folks!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a mix of spring cleaning and relaxation. We're on week 3 of purging old stuff we don't need anymore, and trying to clean house as we go. Having moved several times, we're getting better at this, but there's always more stuff you see in a box and think, "why am I carting this around?"

  • Orbital Vectors, and OOO Monday

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    Yesterday's v1.06 build seems to be doing pretty well. No major issues reported yet, and a few confirmed bug fixes seen in the wild. If it makes it through the weekend without major issues, I'll promote the test build to official status on all sites!

  • New Test Build 1.06: Mac Fullscreen, Modding Improvements, and Bug Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test build 1.06, which includes modding enhancements and several bug fixes.

  • Minor Prototyping Work

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    I did manage to have some time this afternoon after our class, so I just dove into some more prototyping.

    I wanted to see if I could get yesterday's solar system flight sim to be a bit more stable and usable. Yesterday's work had a WASD controlled ship with accurate gravity from major celestial bodies. It also had user-controlled timescale (in powers of 10) and visual zoom (powers of 2).

  • Gravity Sim and Tech Research

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    The early part of today was spent looking into thruster technologies that fit the interplanetary criteria I described yesterday. 5Gs is a lot of thrust, especially if it's to be sustained for weeks. By modern standards, this may be impossible.

    However, there are some really handy sites out there for speculative science. Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks are into this stuff :)

  • Dev RFPs, ATN Bugs, and Orbits

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was another weekend of spring cleaning for us, though a bit less intense than last week. It was also beautiful outside, in the low 20s (C) and sunny, with a light breeze. The trees are fully bloomed, and everything is green. It's nice to be outdoors again!

    I also finally saw Interstellar this weekend. Holy cow did that pull on the sci-fi strings for me. A nice balance of hard and speculative science there, and something I appreciate. And speaking of space...

  • Footprints, ATN, and More Orbit Experiments

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    I fixed a few more NEO Scavenger bugs this morning. linibot was able to help me arrive at a solution for the degrading unlit torch issue mentioned earlier. It turns out that a simple change to the way it degrades will suffice. Namely, make it degrade at the same rate as its branch component (per "use," not "hour"), so they stay aligned. So far, this is consistent with all other items, so I think it'll work.

  • Degrading Item Components, and Orbital Mapping

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    I spent a little bit of time looking into an item degrading bug in NEO Scavenger today, and it looks like it may be one of those iceberg types: looks small at first, but a lot more lies beneath the surface.

    Basically, when someone is crafting with a tool that is itself crafted from components, those components may degrade faster than the tool they comprise. This can produce weird effects such as breaking down a torch to only get rags and twigs.

    I think most people would expect one of two things:

  • Orbits, and OOO Tomorrow

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    I spent most of today working on putting yesterday's canvas drawing and ellipse prototyping into practice. And if you know me, the subject matter won't surprise you much :)


  • Canvas Drawing

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was spring cleaning weekend here, and I have the dry, cracked hands to prove it (boxes, dust, and constant washing). My back is pretty tired, too. Lots of lifting and picking things up. It'll be good to have some old stuff out of the way. Always feels liberating!

  • Hatter Convo Bug and Tilemap Wrapping

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    I did a quick pass through Steam and Blue Bottle Games forums today, checking in on tech support posts. And during that, I came across a post about a Hatter conversation bug. It looks like Hatter would ask about Blue Rot prematurely in some situations, causing the conversation to bug, bail, and knock the player off Hatter's Christmas card list.