October 2014

  • Playtesting, and New Item

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    I spent a while playtesting today, to see how some of the new changes work out. The ending is only part of what I've been working on lately. Other changes have included scavenge location appearance rates, and some new items and loot table tweaks.

    One of the new items is meant to help players find later game content easier:

    IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-10-02.png) Ya can't get there from here...

  • Ending Screen, Hidden Lake Rework, DMC Flagging Fix

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    I continued work on the end game today, building a new game over screen for players who complete the plot. It shares a few elements of the Game Over death screen, such as a list of conditions, survival time, and buttons for newgame and clipboard. However, it also has it's own ending music, and epilogue text.

    I'm not sure yet if I will put the credits in there, as they would require different text formatting (left/right justification vs. the purely left justified epilogue). And the credits are, of course, already accessible via the title screen. We'll see, though.