August 2014

  • New Test Build 0.9936b: Infinite Blue Rot Fix, Hiding Balancing, and Other Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9936b, which fixes issues still found in v0.9935b.

  • New Test Build 0.9935b, Blue Rot Relief, Ambushes, Balancing, and Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9935b, which adds some Blue Rot relief, loot rebalancing, and fixes issues still found in v0.9934b.

    IMAGE( The height of apocalyptic fashion.

  • Ambushing Working, Testing and Tweaks

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    I finished up work on the ambush system today, and it seems to be working pretty well. I had to sort out a few issues with visibility not being consistent from overworld map to battle, but I think I've got those sorted now.

    To help the player decide on ambush options, I added some code to show more than just the first creature in the hex. Now, it'll show the hex art, plus an arrangement of all visible creatures superimposed. This way, players should be able to decide if the terrain and opposition warrant close or far starting range.

  • Ambushing

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    Work continues on shoring-up the visibility system and hiding.

    Today, I found and fixed a few issues with visibility, which might have been causing some erratic visibility checks. So far, hidden creatures are much harder to spot, which makes them both more effective on the map as well as sneaking in combat.

    And to further that, I've added this:

  • Visibility Work Continued, and Bugs

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    As mentioned last week, I'm trying to make the visibility system a more reliable, so players can use "hiding" a bit more strategically. In particular, players should be able to avoid fights if they are good at hiding (and sometimes even if they're not).

  • Blue Rot Balancing, Combat

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    The Blue Rot overhaul continues, and today I resumed work on the face mask. I figured out a way to make the active benefits present 34% of the time, so I'll be testing that once other things are in place. I also added innoculation as a benefit if the player survives the full disease course (which is a small chance without the cure).

  • Blue Rot Relief

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    I decided to overhaul Blue Rot today, after reading some more player feedback. Some really good suggestions were made, and I want to see if I can make them real. The goal will be to add more ways for players to strategically avoid the disease, and to make it a bit more realistic, hopefully making it more fun than frustrating.

  • New Test Build 0.9934b: Batteries, Blisters, and Other Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9934b, which fixes issues still found in v0.9933b.

  • New Test Build 0.9933b: Bug Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9933b, which fixes two issues still found in v0.9932b.

  • New Test Build 0.9932: DMC Drone, New Items and Recipes, and Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9932b, which replaces the DMC sniper, adds some new items, new sounds, and fixes and balances several of the issues found in v0.9931b.

    IMAGE( All this could be yours...

  • Drone AI, Wreckage Parts, and Fixes

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    A lot of today's work focused on the DMC drone and related items. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to add some sort of reward for those who survive a drone attack (and corresponding banishment). Today, I finished adding a bunch of new items and recipes for that reward.

    IMAGE( Legos for the post apocalyptic set.

  • Drone Work, Recipe Enhancements, and New Item

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    I continued work on the new drone creature today. I was mainly looking into the wound locations on the drone, since "arm" and "torso" don't make sense for a non-anthropomorphic machine.

    At first, I considered moving all the wound slot definitions into the game data, so creatures could specify which wound slots they have in the XML data. This would be good for modders, too, since they could now control wound data.

  • What's That Sound? Drones! And Also, Congrats, Bro!

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    As mentioned yesterday, I've been looking into ways of making the DMC Sniper less weird, and one potential solution is replacing it with a UAV/Drone. A drone makes more sense as something that could appear in the field quickly, not to mention less costly than losing trained people if they get hit.

    Well, today I started down that path, and have the basics arted and hooked-up. Here's a sneak preview:

  • Blue Rot, DMC Snipers, Bug Fixing, and New Audio

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    I spent a few hours today going over some more forum posts from players (both here and elsewhere). I tried to comment where I could, if I had something useful to contribute. And in other places, I wasn't sure if I would have time to do anything, so I just lurked.

  • Back in the Office, Bug-Fixing

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    Hey Folks! Hope you had a good week. Our family visit/wedding went well, but man, was it busy. I think we almost spent as much time driving around the wilderness as we did visiting. It's good to be home again.

    Now that I'm back, I had to spend a bit of time catching up on messages, paperwork, and the usual administrivia. Fortunately, I was also able to start fixing a few of the bugs you've been finding and reporting.

  • New Test Build 0.9931b: Fixes and Balance Patch, Also OOO This Week

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9931b, which fixes and balances several of the issues found in the most recent major update (v0.993b).

  • Bug Fixing v0.993b, and Upcoming OOO

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It's technically a long weekend here in Canada, but I decided to work today since I'll be OOO later this week on a family gathering. As such, I won't be working on Wednesday through Friday, but I'll be back at work Monday morning (11th). Just a heads-up, in case I seem slow to respond later in the week!

    As for gamedev stuff, I had some time today to start looking into bugs players have reported in v0.993b (as well as those I haven't fixed yet from previous versions).

  • New Test Build 0.993b: New Encounters, New Toys, New Dangers, and More!

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    I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.993b, which adds several new encounters, new toys, new dangers, and several tweaks and fixes