July 2014

  • Negotiation Encounter, Testing, and Bug Fixes

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    I spent a good portion of the day working on an encounter where the player negotiates today. It was something I wanted to add after this new location was finished, as one possible reward for their efforts. It should offer some interesting options for the player, and might even open up some main goal questions I'll have to answer later. We'll have to see how it's received by players.

  • Follow-up Encounter Finished, Loose Ends

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    I finished developing the follow-up encounter today, both mapping it out and hooking up variables. A lot of it was transcribed from Harald's spec, but I decided to change a few procedural details that meant some tweaking. (e.g. needed a different explanation for why a building was untouched for so many years)

    That, and I wanted to slightly change how the player discovers this encounter. Let's just say it rewards those with a certain skillset :)

  • Encounter Testing, Choice Repercussions

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    As mentioned this morning, I'm into the testing phase of the encounter now. My first run-through actually went pretty smoothly. But it wasn't too long before I started noticing some bugs and missing details.

    The bug turned out to be in the code for AI setting conditions on the player when reaching waypoints. It was removing them correctly, but not adding them.

    I also noticed some missing details and choices in the encounter, such as exit nodes, missing items to make choices, as well as missing items.

  • New Encounter Hooked Up, Testing

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    Sorry for the missed post last night! I think I hit "Preview" instead of "Post," unfortunately. I blame the heat :)

    Anyway, I meant to post that the latest encounter is finally hooked-up, and is now in the testing phase:

    IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-07-28.png) Flowcharting madness.

  • Encounter Ad-Libbing, and Giizhik Smudge Sticks

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    Yesterday's confiscation system seems to be working today. I was able to test it out in a variety of situations, and can now confiscate items, confiscate additional items without losing old ones, return them later, and lose them forever, as needed. I hooked-up the corresponding nodes in the new encounter, and there are endings that result in both getting items back and losing them.

  • Plowing Through Encounter

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    I managed to get a good chunk of the new encounter hooked-up today. I estimate I'm now close to 2/3 finished with it. It was mostly smooth sailing today, hence the progress. Just creating treasure groups, conditions, and assigning items to encounter choices. Pretty straightforward.

  • Interview! And Encounter Implementation

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    Hey Folks!

    I was interviewed by No Crisis Yet!

    A couple weeks ago, Jon Lynch discovered NEO Scavenger by accident, and was dumbfounded by how many hours he found himself sinking into the game. So he and Ben decided to make their show's first guest the dev behind this crazy "wasteland shoe peddler" game, yours truly :)

  • AI Mission Queueing, Mission Consequences

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    Work continued today on the AI mission code. I made a few changes to my previous system so it would be more reliable, and now the AI can have a list of waypoints and encounters to process in order. E.g. go to hex x,y, do encounters 1->2->3, then go to next hex, and next encounter, etc.

    This way, I can get the AI to move around the map, and perform different actions in each location (setting variables on the player, adding/removing items, spawning creatures, etc.)

  • AI Mission, and New Location

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    Hope everyone had a good weekend! My parents dropped by on their cross-country drive, so it was good to chill with them. We discovered our street has Saskatoon and Thimble berries! (And Rochelle at the latter, despite my warnings about red berries being 50% poisonous).

  • Site Maintenance, and More Encounter Work

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    Earlier today, some of you may have noticed the site being offline for maintenance. There were some security updates for software that needed installing, so I had to take the site offline and apply those. Fortunately, that seems to have gone smoothly, and it was only down for about half an hour or so.

    Once that was done, I returned to work on the AI waypoint and encounter stuff mentioned yesterday.

  • New Encounter Integration

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    After yesterday's work fleshing-out some new ways to use the new factions' equipment, it was back to encounter integration for me.

    A good chunk of today involved going through the new encounter I added a few weeks ago, node-by-node, and hooking up game variables. The usual encounter stuff applies here, such as treasure IDs, items for each of the choices, conditions, fatalities, etc.

    After going through several of those, I reached a point where I needed to add some more "hooks" for the game to use.

  • I'm Back! And Dev Continues.

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week. Our wedding was an unqualified success, and we had a great time seeing friends and family. It was a pretty crazy week, as you'd probably guess!

    Now that I'm back, dev continues. And I decided to share a sneak peek to whet your appetite for the upcoming build:

    IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-07-16.png) A little bit of shiny, and a little bit of ominous.

  • Black Swamp, Diseases, and OOO

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    Hey folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was actually a bit hectic, as we're planning a trip back home to get married this week. Exciting, but also frenetic!

    As such, starting tomorrow, I'll be on vacation and will have limited internet access. I should be back on Wednesday (16th) next week. As usual, I'll try to check messages and such for any major issues. Fortunately, we have a pretty stable build up there (v0.9922b), so I think we should be free of any fires until I get back.

  • Toxins and Diseases, Bug Fixes, and...Freedom!

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    Work continued today on a mix of new features and bug fixes.

    After adding the gas mask yesterday, I decided to add a new hazard to the Great Black Swamp. Namely, the defoliant used there can still be dangerous to those who pass through the area. I added a new condition chain, similar to other diseases, which represents overexposure to the defoliant. It has a variety of minor to moderate symptoms, and is a chronic condition (comes back periodically). The gas mask will protect against it, if charged.

  • Gas Masks, Immunity, Poison, and Sound Effects

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    As work continues on the new encounter and faction, I've been working on related items and features.

    I've already mentioned gas masks, and I finally got those working today. One of the trickier things about gas masks is that they don't take electricity or other discrete items as charges. Rather, they slowly wear down a charge over time and use. I.e. their filters get worn out, and eventually need replacing.

  • Default Beta Build Now 0.9922b

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    Since it has been relatively stable, I've just finished updating the default builds to 0.9922b on all sites. The "test" links are no longer necessary, and have been removed for now. This updates the following builds: