January 2014

  • It's Good To Be Back

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    I decided to focus on development today, and I was nice to be back in that frame of mind. I managed to knock out quite a few changes, particularly in bugs. I fixed an encounter load/save bug, fixed some broken encounter paths, and found and fixed the reason water testers don't need charges in crafting.

    I also finally added a "ditch vehicle" battle move, so players can drop their sled/cart and run in battle. Previously, one had to be able to access inventory to do so. Now, it can be done any time.

  • Happy New Year! And Default Build is Now 0.982

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    Happy new year, everyone! 2013 was a year of big changes and evolution. Let's hope 2014 is full of progress and prosperity!

    0.982 Now Official

    Since the 0.982 update seems to be stable, and an improvement over 0.980, I've decided to make it the official build on all sites. Steam was updated a couple days ago (cloud build management is handy!), and I've just finished updating it here, too.

    Desura should be uploaded, and is awaiting apporoval. ETA is likely tomorrow, barring any holiday backlogs there.