December 2013

  • Build Reverts, New Beta Test Build, and Vacation

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    Hey Folks!

    As some of you noticed yesterday, the update 0.981 didn't fare so well. In my rush to upload something new before vacation, I let a couple critical bugs slip by, and I apologize.

    As a result, I've reverted all the demo and beta downloads back to 0.980. They're not perfect, but they're at least "the devil we know." I've also uploaded some "test" beta builds, v0.982, which can be obtained by clicking the links below the usual download buttons on the beta page. (Beta users only.)

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: New Music, DMC Encounter, and Endless Turn Fix?

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    I've just finished uploading new beta build 0.981b and demo build 0.981d, which includes several requested improvements to play balance and performance, not to mention fixes for the endless turn bug! Beta users also get four new music tracks and a new DMC encounter.

    Updates Included in Both the Beta and Demo

    Both the beta and demo include the following changes:

  • Back In the Saddle Again

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    A week after the Steam launch, things are finally calming down, and I had a good chunk of time to look into smaller bugs today. I started triaging my bug/feature list, and tried to snipe as many of the low-risk, quick fixes as I could, so they can be in v0.981 next week.

    Here's what I covered today:

  • NEO Scavenger Demo Now On Steam!

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    Hey Folks!

    NEO Scavenger's demo is now available on Steam. With this update, you should be able to try out the game without having to leave the comfort of the Steam client.

    IMAGE( Go on, try it. It won't hurt...much.

  • Zom Zom's Retcon, Steam Demo, and Combat Fix

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    I spent a good chunk of the day reworking the Zom Zom's encounter to reflect the recent cannibalism changes. Now, the encounter should acknowledge your eating of BBQ in a similar way to other parts of the game. It took a bit of clever wiring to make the old encounter handle the different cases, but it seems to be working now.

  • Steam Demo and Bug Fixes

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    I'm pretty close to finished with setting up the NEO Scavenger demo on Steam. I created Steam-ready builds for each of the platforms today, and uploaded them to Steam. So far, the Windows version is the only one that downloads, though. I think I have a configuration issue that's making Steam think the Mac and Linux builds are empty. I'll look into that tomorrow morning.

  • Steam Launch Work and Demo Setup

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    Managing the Steam launch is still a pretty active task, as I answered questions and concerns over the weekend and into today. The good news is that NEO Scavenger seems to be a fan favorite. Positive comments and feedback are the lion's share of the messages I see, and I seem to have struck a magical balance between terrifyingly harsh challenge and enticement to play more. Maybe we're an unusual type of gamer that enjoys abuse?

    Site Maintenance and Privacy Fix

  • Whew! Launch Day +1

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    There's been a pretty constant flurry of internet activity in the past 24 hours, since the game launched. I've been scrambling to keep up with emails, tweets, chats, forums, and all manner of communication. So far, things seem to be a "qualified" good.

  • It's Alive! NEO Scavenger on Steam Early Access!

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    So there was a bit of a hiccup this morning, and the launch was delayed by a few hours. However, after panicking a bit, and Lars helping me ping Valve and holding my hand for comfort, voila:

    IMAGE( I believe "woohoo" is an appropriate caption here.

  • Combat Upgrade, Endless Turn Bug, and Steam

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    Assuming I haven't screwed anything up, Valve is scheduled to release NEO Scavenger tomorrow morning at 10:34am PST. I'm a bit in the dark about this process, so I'm not sure if it just happens silently or what. So far, this is what I'm looking at:

  • Greasy Food, Encounter Fixes, and Video Streams

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    I finished up the encounter item art I mentioned yesterday. Behold, baskets of greasy food!

    IMAGE( Not pictured: fried grease over a bed of pan gristle.

  • Site Maintenance, Steam Early Release

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    Hey folks! Hope you had a good weekend. It's snowshoveling central around here, with 5.5 hours of cumulative snow clearing in the past 36 hours. One of the down sides to living in the mountains with a long driveway.

    Some of you might have noticed the site was down for maintenance today. There were some security patches that needed to be applied, but those were pretty smooth.

    More interesting, however, is a new feature on the game page: instant Desura key requests!