July 2013

  • Paperwork and Windows Progress

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    This morning, I felt like the stereotypical business owner I always pictured as a kid: spreadsheets opened left and right, IRS tax forms and manuals, and word processor open to write marketing copy. It was a morning of paperwork, and it was as boring as it sounds, so I'll leave it at that :)

    This afternoon, I spent a bit more time working on the Windows target, and as usual, I made small but solid steps forward.

  • HaxeFlixel Native Windows Build

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    Work continued today on getting the HaxeFlixel test running on Windows.

    It was a bit of a slow day, today. I wasn't able to get Visual Studio to directly debug the C++ files generated by the project. I tried several approaches, from attaching the debugger directly to the running process, to creating a blank project and importing all the cpp and header files.

  • Jet Duel, and HaxeFlixel for Windows and Mac

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    We had a pretty exciting weekend here in BC!

    On Friday, a tanker truck was delivering jet fuel to fire fighters up north. Sadly, it fell off the road, emptying it's 35,000 gallon payload into the river. And as a result, the entire valley had to be evacuated. The fire department showed up at our door at 4:30am, and told us it was time to go. Like, "grab your things, any pets you have, and leave."

    We scrambled to get dressed, rounded up animals, and packed some last minute things. And for the next 10 hours, we were refugees in a Red Cross center!

  • Progress!

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    With the PR surge settling a bit, I had some more time to investigate the HaxeFlixel port today.

    At the end of the day yesterday, the main menu was compiling. It wasn't running, though. Trying to launch it would throw errors before the window even opened. It was an important first step, but just a step.

  • More PR and More HaxeFlixel

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    One thing about doing PR, it's a task which gets harder the more you work on it :)

  • Day of PR and Technology

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    I decided to take care of a few non-development things this morning, mostly involving PR. NEO Scavenger is still fairly unknown, so it helps to do a little promotion from time-to-time. And with the last few builds adding new content and stability, now seems like a good time to increase awareness. With that in mind, I decided to ramp-up my efforts on reddit.

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Game Balancing, Bug Fixes, and Optimization

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    I've just finished uploading new beta (0.974b) and demo (0.974d) builds. This update is largely a collection of bug fixes, optimizations, and balancing.

    Updates to both the Beta and Demo

    Both the beta and demo versions have quite a few changes and fixes, including:

  • Bugs, Balancing, and Builds

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    I managed to fix another handful of bugs today, including (I think) the quick recipe bug!

    I decided to try out a longer playtest this afternoon, to see if I could spot any of the harder to track bugs, and to test general balance. And wouldn't you know it, at the last possible minute, I triggered the quick recipe bug! It looks like it was caused by stacked items inside a container.

  • Bug Potpourri

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    No, not a new recipe, unfortunately :)

    Today was a day of fixing a wide range of bugs. Some pretty hard-to-find ones, too.

  • Encounter Editor and Encounters

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    Continuing yesterday's work on using charged items during encounters, I switched over to the encounter editor today. I needed a way to specify, per encounter option, how many charges to use. And since I use the encounter editor to make sense of the spider web of interconnected nodes, I needed to add that field there as well.

  • More Performance Work, Charged Items, and Fixes

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    Yesterday's work on improving performance continued this morning. There were a few other places where code was creating lots of objects per-frame unnecessarily. After cleaning a bunch of this up, I think the game is a bit less wasteful, and there is a slight improvement in performance.

    Bug fixes continued today as well. I've made some changes which should improve crafting with ingredients that shouldn't degrade (e.g. water, ashes). After this change, those items should always be 100%, and recipes shouldn't be penalized for them anymore.

  • Bug Fixing, and Performance

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    It appears 0.973 is fairly stable, by most accounts. Still bugs to fix, but quite a lot of the issues from 0.972 seem to have improved.

    Camp conditions getting stuck has reared its head again. It appears that last time, I didn't fully kill it. There was a problem that would leave default starting conditions on the player even after loading a save game. And worse, if the player saved in the cryo facility, there were a few situations that would cause camp items to appear where they shouldn't. That seems to be working now, after some tweaking.

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Items, Recipes, Surrender, and More

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    I've just finished uploading new beta (0.973b) and demo (0.973d) builds. This update is a formal version of the changes seen in the recent test (0.972t) build. Namely, new items, recipes, combat moves, loot tables, and lots of bug fixes.

    Updates to both the Beta and Demo

    Both the beta and demo versions have had dozens of (probably over a hundred) individual changes and fixes since 0.971 in early June, so there's too much to list in a detailed way. Some of the more significant changes include the following:

  • Bugs with Loot, Crafting, and Identification

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    Still lots of bugs being found. I managed to get quite a few more fixed today.

    I think I found the bug that was causing the "left boot" loot. As it turns out, there was a calculation error that caused lists of possible items to favor those at the beginning of the list. So in some lists, that meant inordinate amounts of left boots. In others, lots of sleds/carts. I think I've got that sorted now, and things should be more evenly distributed.

  • Test Build Fixes Continue

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    Work on the test build continues, and I managed to knock off quite a few bugs today. Your bug reports are a huge help in stabilizing the wide range of new items, recipes, and features that went into the new build. Thanks for all your help so far!

  • Test Build Fixes

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    Several of you have tried out the test build, and things are looking pretty good so far. I've seen some really encouraging feedback, so I think we may have made some worthwhile improvements.

    There are still bugs, of course. Kaaven has set up a handy thread in tech support to start tracking issues as they are found. The list is getting quite long, but I think many of them are smaller fixes.

  • New Test Build: Content Batch

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    Hey Folks!

    It's been a long while since the last build, and I'd still like to do some testing and bug fixing before doing the whole BBG/Desura/Flash collection. I did get a chance to playtest a bit today, though, and it was surprisingly stable. Therefore, I've put together a test build for beta users to try out.

    New Test Build

  • New Postcards, and Loot Tables

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    Hope everyone had a good weekend. This one was my first one since returning from my trip, and was the first time I got to sleep in since mid-June. It was a welcome respite :)

    This morning, I put together the next postcard design, and sent the order to the printer. I've exhausted my last postcard in the "Scenic Main Street" batch, so I've got a few orders I need to catch up on once the new cards are ready. So if you're still awaiting your postcard, hang in there, and I apologize for the delay!

  • Forum Mods and Loot Tables

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    First of all, say hello to Kaaven and Scavenger, who both became mods today! There are now 5 mods on the site: Nickboom, Markofbear, Minister Max, Kaaven, and Scavenger. They're mostly on the lookout for spambots and misplaced threads, but they're friendly chaps besides, and have been helpful haunts in the forums. Thanks for making the forums such an inviting place, guys!

    On the dev side, today didn't turn out as exciting as I was expecting.

  • Deer, Meat, and More

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    Happy Independence Day, folks! For those Americans out there, hope the grill is hot, the beverages cold, and the fireworks flashy! For the rest, pop open a tasty refreshment and enjoy your evening, just because. Can't let those yanks have all the fun, right? :)

    As mentioned yesterday, I've been working on corpses, meats, and hides. And after some discussion with players, it seemed like a good idea to add a new creature specifically for meat and hide, so dogmen don't become the only source (which makes for tough hunting).