May 2013

  • Random Skills, Bug Fixes, and Playtesting

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    This morning, I finished fixing that encounter bug I mentioned, and fired up the game to start a playtest session. As I sat there, trying to decide which skills I should take to simulate a normal player, I was reminded that a few folks have requested a random skill button. It'd save me some time, too, in cases where I need to start several new games in succession with random skills.

    So I decided to try putting one together.

  • More Crafting, and Encounter Work

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    Sorry for the late update today. We had a couple power outages, and the latest one was just in time for my usual news post! I'm starting to think it's time to get an uninterruptible power supply. It won't help me work while the power's out, but all these sudden spikes/outages can't be good for the hardware. Being able to gracefully shut down (and save work!) will hopefully make things smoother. The joys of living in the woods!

  • Crafting Fixes, and Fire

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    I spent most of the day today working on the crafting system. One thing which a number of folks have mentioned is that it would be helpful to know which items on the crafting screen are currently equipped or used as containers. So I spent some time working on a way to highlight those objects, and here's what I came up with:

  • Back in the Saddle!

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    Well, vacation has come to a close. I had a great time with the fam and Rochelle, and Virginia Beach certainly delivered:

    IMAGE( This magnificent beast greeted us at the realtor's office.

    Now that I'm back, it's time to pick up where we left off.

  • New Test Build, and Vacation

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    Hey Folks!

    Just a reminder that I'll be on vacation from the 8th until the 27th, so things will be pretty quiet here. I'll be checking email periodically, just to cover any major issues that come up, but development updates will be on hold until I get back.

    However, I've put together a test build for beta users to try out while I'm away.

    New Test Build

  • Item Identification, and Stability Fixes

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    I finished up the remaining item identification issues I mentioned last week, and I think most items are working as intended now. I decided to go through the item data this morning and update it accordingly, consolidating unidentified items with their identified counterparts into single items. With all the duplicate water, berry, and mushroom items that encompassed, I was able to reduce the game's item count by 8.

  • Encounter Ingredients, and Item Identification

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    I managed to get the encounters correctly using ingredients today, so it is now possible for me to specify either specific items as requirements for encounter choices, or generalized ingredients. I was able to make a "scout ahead" encounter choice offer the player any optical zoom item from their inventory as a choice, based on a single ingredient assignment.

  • Quick Recipes Working, Solids, and Encounters

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    The problem with the quick recipes turned out to be pretty simple. It was basically only checking for tools when executing the quick recipe, and skipped over any consumed ingredient requirements. Once I added some code to grab the consumed ingredients, it seemed to work as expected.

  • Crafting Yield Pages

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    As mentioned yesterday, I've been working on upgrading the crafting page to support more than one possible yield per set of crafting ingredients. Since some groups of ingredients could logically produce more than one output (especially now that ingredients can be substituted), it made sense to let the user choose which output they intended.

    So today, I think I managed to get the yield area to support multiple pages. Here's what it looks like right now: