February 2013

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: AI Tweak, Scavenge Abort, and Bug Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new beta build 0.962b and demo build 0.962d. This update includes a change to AI behavior, the ability to cancel a scavenge attempt, and several bug fixes that have been recently reported.

    Beta and Demo Changes

    Both the beta and demo versions 0.962 include:

  • Business Stuff and Michigan Research

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    Today was a little less productive than yesterday. Most of the morning was spent reviewing some contracts, which is usually pretty un-fun. Legalese is paradoxically ambiguous in it's attempt at clarity, and it takes hours to unravel the language. Phrases like "not inconsistent with" drive me batty. I mean, really? Was the double-negative necessary? Couldn't one have just said "consistent with?" Look at that! I saved two whole syllables while making it easier to understand!

    Anyway, slow morning.

  • Bug Swatting

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    I had a pretty productive day today, mostly working on bug fixes for issues found in the last few days.

  • Today Was Saturday

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    I decided to take the day off, since Saturday turned into a workday. So there's not a lot to report today.

    I did manage to read most of the recent bug reports, though, and I took notes. Starting tomorrow, I'll probably start working on fixes for some of these bugs, while I'm figuring out which feature to do next.

    More plot is still a high priority, but adding more crafting recipes, weapons, items, and such might also open up some interesting plot options. Either way, though, I have some bugs I should fix first.

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Patch for latest resolution upgrade

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    I've just uploaded new beta (0.961b) and demo (0.961d) builds, with timestamps 2013/02/23 in the version number. Yesterday's update had a few critical bugs that are addressed in this build.

    Beta and Demo Updates

    Build 0.961 2013/02/23 includes the following changes:

  • New Build Woes

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    Hey Guys! Looks like I screwed a few things up in the new build. I'm working on a patch now, but in the meantime:

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Bigger Fonts and Resolution

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    I've just uploaded new beta (0.961b) and demo (0.961d) builds, which include the option to play in larger resolutions and font sizes. The builds also address some crafting issues, as well as other bugs identified recently.

  • Playtesting and Stability

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    Unfortunately, no new build today. I spent several hours playtesting the game, and I found several bugs which needed fixing.

    One of the first ones I found was with the "Esc" key. If the game is in fullscreen, the escape key immediately exits fullscreen to windowed mode. That's just the way Flash works. And actually, that's not a bad thing. Escape seems like it should quickly get you out of the game's full screen mode (like watching a video fullscreen).

  • Graphics Preferences, Instructions/Credits

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    I spent today on the title screen, finishing up the last missing pieces, and trying to make sure the user couldn't get stuck when changing options.

    There is now a new instructions page, which briefly shows which mouse button does what, what they WASD/arrows do, spacebar, and context menu. There's a ton of info I could have added, but I know when I start most games, I appreciate simpler instructions. I'll probably do a more detailed set of instructions elsewhere (or maybe add a "More..." link somewhere on the page), once the game is done.

  • Bug Fixing and Band Aids

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    I spent most of today working on some of the more critical bugs that exist in NEO Scavenger. They include:

  • Encounter Splitting, and Bug Fixes

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    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Things were pretty good here. Kind of a quiet weekend, actually. I'm okay with quiet :)

    As mentioned last week, all of the encounter pages required a review to make sure the full text of each fits in the new UI layout. In order to make this process more efficient, I wrote some quick code to dump the encounter lengths into a text file, and sorted them by length. That way, I could avoid checking the unnecessary ones.

  • Bug Slayer

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    Well, if yesterday was a day of lost time due to hardware issues, today more than made up for it.

    I managed to get a lot fixed today with the resolution switching. In fact, I think I've fixed all the remaining resolution-related bugs that I know about. I was able to play a few turns in battle, on the map, and in the inventory screens, all while switching between the various screen sizes, with no apparent issues.

    Starting Monday, there are two last thing to do for resolution:

  • Fixing the Battle GUI, and Video Drivers

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    Most of today was spent on the battle GUI. It didn't take long to get it working in either resolution, but getting it to switch on-the-fly was another story.

  • 1360x768 Mode Running

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    I got 1360x768 mode up and running today, after a long couple of hours measuring and typing coordinates. Needless to say, quite a few things needed moving around after testing the blind UI placement :)

  • Resolution Work: Battle and DMC UI

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    Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a pretty good one here. We celebrated the year of the Snake Sunday night with some friends from Rochelle's school. And the extra day off yesterday was a welcome addition to the weekend.

    I was able to pick up where I left off on Friday, and ported the old battle UI to the new screen size. Because my mockups missed a few details, it took longer than expected. But I think it's working ok.

  • Crafting Up and Running

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    I was able to get those issues sorted out today, and now the new crafting UI seems to be working. I ended up changing all of the recipes so that item charges were an explicit part of the ingredients, instead of assumed to be inside items that needed them.

    E.g. a campfire now requires 1x branch, 1x twigs, 1x lighter, and 1x lighter fluid

    It's an extra click to add the lighter fluid, but as a bonus, the lighter never moves out of the player's pocket/backpack/hands now. It just uses a charge and stays wherever the player had it.

  • New Crafting UI

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    I spent most of today working on the new UI for the crafting screen. Mind you, this isn't the same as the new crafting system proposed on the feature voting page. It's just a change needed to fit the new screen sizes, and hopefully fix the blindness bug when crafting with a light source.

    Here's the rough idea:

  • Inventory Yard Driving

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    I managed to get through the long list of UI elements in the various GUI screens today, and was able to fire up the game to see what I had done. It wasn't pretty.

    However, it was wasn't hard to spot the errors in the layout, and correct things as I went. As of this evening, the inventory screen "yard drives," which is an automobile shopping term for "it moves around the yard ok, but I wouldn't trust it on the road."

  • More GUI Layouts

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    Work on multi-resolution GUI layouts continued today, and I feel like it was a pretty productive day, overall.


    I managed to get the minimap working in all resolutions this morning. As I hoped, the new, simpler code was much easier to work with, and the calculations didn't take too long to sort out. The trickiest part was just getting the correct positioning and sizes when the game uses zoom/scaling, since cameras each need to be repositioned independently when scaling is involved.

  • Map and Minimap

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    As mentioned Friday, the next item on the list is the minimap UI. I started digging into that today, and it was predictably messy in there.

    The minimap was something I did pretty early in the project, so I was still learning how flixel cameras worked back then. As a result, I'm doing a lot of confusing, homebrew stuff to make the camera line up with the main map viewport.