December 2012

  • Happy Holidays, and See You Next Year!

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    Well, today is the last day at the office before vacation. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on vacation until the 4th of January. It's hard to step away from the office while there's work to do, but it'll be helpful to get a couple weeks of R&R, see family and friends, and maybe catch up on a few games!

    I'll still be checking email and the website periodically, in case any order or other issues arise. So if you have any troubles with the game, your account, or similar, feel free to email me!

  • More Artwork, Resolutions, and Wallpapers

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    <p>Spent another day working on encounter art. I was able to get just about everything laid out in Blender, and rendered out the objects for use in Photoshop. Blender allows rendering without anti-aliasing, so I should be able to maintain the crisp pixel lines needed for the style of art. And I think the rendered template will help to speed up the painting a lot.</p>

  • Pre-Vacation Stretch

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    Since it doesn't seem likely I'll finish a new build before the holidays, I decided I'd switch gears for the last few days before break. I started some new encounter artwork today.

  • Medical Center Implementation

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    I spent most of today filling-in the medical center encounter descriptions. After mapping them out yesterday, I wrote text for each of the options' encounters, hooked up pricing, conditions that get applied/removed, and treasure dispensed. I created a new item for sleeping pills, too. I'll have to add that to existing loot tables next week.

  • DMC Medical Center

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    I worked on the DMC medical center today. So far, I've put together some intro text for first time and repeat visitors, and mapped out the services I expect them to provide. Since the tech-level in the DMC is pretty high, I wanted the facility to offer a pretty wide range of services.

  • Tying Up Loose Ends

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    I realized this morning that I still had to tie up a few loose ends in the encounter I added a couple weeks ago. There were two outcomes that required some adjustments to other encounters in the game.

  • Currency on Hold, and Diner Done

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    I decided to put off currency stuff until later. There are still some questions without satisfying answers, and implementing a new system would probably delay new content for too long.

    Plus, it turns out that there's a pretty easy way to check for and execute payments in encounters, just by using the existing "Money" stat. It postpones solving the problem of money being unrealistic, but I can continue creating content without interruptions, and that's a higher priority right now.

    Diner First Draft

  • DMC Diner, and Currency

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    I worked on a diner location for the DMC today. Last week, I was able to get the map hooked up such that I could launch an encounter by clicking on a section of the map. So today, I wanted to start fleshing out one of those locations to test out the flow.

    The diner should be a sight for sore eyes (and empty stomachs) after traversing the wasteland for a few days. Full plates of food, and pitchers of relatively clean water. And a roof to eat it under! The promise of a hot meal is a worthy goal for a scavenger, so I want that experience to be satisfying.

  • DMC Preview

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    <p>It's been a while since there was a new build, or even any new artwork to share. So I decided to put together a little <a href="">DMC teaser</a> for this weekend, to tide you over until the next build.</p>

  • Map Detail Work

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    I put another day's work into map detail today. I started with the power plant, mapping out its innards, and using that as a basis for placement of lights and access roads. The overall effect is much nicer, compared to the random lights used before. It's not quite as bright as some real-world power plants, but it's one of the most well-lit things in the city.

  • VFX Done, and More Detail

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    I did a little tweaking today, and managed to reduce the particle count for traffic on some shorter roads, which freed up some more processing time for the sprawl twinkling effect. I briefly tried using it on the whole map, but the twinkling was designed to look like distant fires and faltering lights, which didn't look as correct on a city grid as it did on a shanty town. So I left it just in the sprawl, and focused on two new effects for the grid.

  • VFX Running

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    I was able to get some particle-style effects going on the map today, and had some success with the way it turned out. The biggest success appears to be traffic dots. Each of the major arteries and avenues have traffic now, and I think I'll keep that in place for the final version if I can.

  • VFX Testing on Map

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    I've reached a point where the map is starting to look pretty good today. I could probably push it further, but before I do that, I thought I'd rig a quick and dirty UI together in the game, to see how it looks in place. I've knocked out some debug code in to display the map when I hit a key, and it seems to fit ok. So that's encouraging.