October 2012

  • Mixed Bag Today

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    Progress on content was a bit slower today, though I still got a few of them done. Most of my morning was spent looking into cross-play from Desura, or what they call "Connect."

    Desura Connect

    Desura has a mechanism by which they can share purchase info with developers, called "Connect." The idea is that players who buy a copy on Desura can also play on the developer's website by submitting a form from the Desura site.

  • Good Progress Today, and More Diseases!

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    I managed to hit a pretty good rhythm today with the encounter implementation. I got a good dozen or so mini encounters done today. Things are going pretty smoothly now that most of the needed tools are in place. I'm able to re-use a bunch of the existing battle move artwork and game items/conditions.

    New Diseases!

  • You Guessed It, Encounters!

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    Still moving along with encounters. Got a few more hooked up today, and starting to get into a good rhythm. It's hard to stay on task when editing documents for long stretches, but it needs to get done.

    I did take a brief break to do some coding, though. I needed a way to guarantee that an encounter removes a random food item, so I rewrote part of the LoseRandomItem code I spoke of last week. Now, it's a bit more reliable, and can also specify which item category to prefer.