September 2012

  • Gaming Nexus Interview

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    I just realized I never mentioned my interview yesterday! (Well, apart from a @BlueBottleGames tweet).

    Travis Huinker, from Gaming Nexus, asked me some questions about where the idea of NEO Scavenger and Blue Bottle Games came from. It even features some lesser known NEO Scavenger art from my game dev blog!

    So if you're interested in a history lesson, be sure to check it out!

  • And More Encounters

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    Got another batch of short encounters added today. And some of them have a shiny new disease!

    The disease is called "The Blue Rot," and bears some similarities with the pneumonic plague, or "Black Death." It's a particularly nasty one, communicated via aerosolized plague bacteria. So watch out for coughing people in the future :)

    I also added a few new encounter response items:

  • Random Encounter Updates

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    As with yesterday, work continues on adding random encounters to the game.

    Today, I got the first batch of 6 in, and decided to test that they were triggering ok. Part of this process involved creating code to sprinkle the encounters around the map when the game starts. There are a couple different ways to do this, including which hexes to use vs. ignore in a new game vs. loaded game.

  • Content Implementation, and Music

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    It was good to be back in the code today.

    Exploration Music!

    I spent most of the morning working on some code to play some of Josh's music, as mentioned yesterday. After a few hours of work, I got it to play random tracks from time to time. Tracks that are non-looping will play in their entirety, while tracks that loop will play a random portion before fading out again.

    It inflates the download sizes a bit, but hopefully, this will add some nice atmosphere to the game.

    Staring Content Implementation

  • Content Ready to Implement

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    I finished my edits this afternoon, and I think I can start hooking up some random encounters tomorrow. Yay!

    I'll have to see what things I can automate vs. have to do by hand, but it'll be a nice change of pace to be back in the code. Document editing always feels so slow-going.

    I'll also be looking into how the random events are triggered. I'd like for them to trigger in such a way that they're spread across the map. That way, one has to visit the whole map to see them all, but their locations change each game.

  • The Day of Administrivia

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    Today was more about business-y stuff, so unfortunately, there's not much to report. Most of the day was spent dealing with accounting, press inquiries, order issues, and the like. All stuff that's vital to running a business, but not very exciting to talk about :)

  • Overheating Bug, and More Content Work

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    Well, it turns out there's an overheating bug. To many of you, this isn't a surprise. But I wasn't able to make it happen until I saw a few folks mentioning similar steps to get there. Thanks for the info, guys!

  • Content Work

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    Decided to hunker down and get some content work done today. It's been a long, slow process, but I think I'm nearing the point where I can start hooking up some of the encounters Cameron and I have been working on.

    Originally, I wanted to wait until more of the story was finished, and release it all at once. But this is taking a long time, so I think we'll release it in chunks. Hopefully, bite-sized morsels are almost as satisfying as a full-course meal.

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Item Swap and Load Game Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new beta and demo versions 0.953b and 0.953d. They include some fixes for some fairly major bugs people have been seeing since 0.952. The changes include:

  • More Hardware Fun!

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    I guess it was a good thing I got those builds uploaded yesterday. This morning, my machine's primary HDD was clicking like mad. It was incessant as Windows loaded. I have a sinking feeling it's on its way out.

    So I spent most of the morning making sure all the backups are in order, and bought a replacement HDD, just in case. The clicking has stopped, for now. But I suspect I'll be hearing it again before long. Man, when it rains, it really pours, eh?

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Mac and Linux Clients, and Bug Fixes

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    I just finished uploading new beta and demo builds v0.952b and 0.952d. And today, for the first time, there are Mac and Linux downloadable versions!

    NEO Scavenger for Mac and Linux!

  • Back on My Feet

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    Well, my dev machine is alive again, and humming along.

    Had to run into town for a new video card this morning. Thankfully, a quick and painless install later, I was back into the IDE and happily coding. And while I had server backups if I needed them, everything was still intact, so I picked up pretty much from the line of code where everything died.

  • Hardware Failure!

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    Things were going pretty smooth today, when suddenly my screen got some bluish snow patterns on it, then froze. No response from the PC at all. Upon rebooting, I got some weird ASCII characters on the BIOS screen, some more bluish snow, then nothing.

    Subsequent reboots yielded nothing. No video signal at all. Everything else appeared to work (fans, drives, etc.), just no video.

  • Combat Stabilizing

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    It took most of the day, but I've re-architected the combat system, and I think it's much more stable now.

    It looks like the big issue was poor bookkeeping of creatures as they exited and entered battles. Things were pretty stable when battles were few and far between. However, when battles started happening close to each other, and combatants moved between them, things got ugly.

  • Mega Combat Bug

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    So there's a pretty epic bug in NEO Scavenger right now.

    I wanted to take a look at a few gameplay bugs this morning, and started with one that caused combat to crash, making the game unplayable. After a few rounds of testing, it was obvious this was not your run of the mill bug. It was causing all kinds of weird issues, generally resulting in an unstable game after it happened (crashing combat, endless turns, etc.). What's worse, it seems to crash in different ways each time I find it.

  • New Postcards, and Plot Work

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    Hey All,

    As mentioned last week, the old postcards are almost running out, and it's time to print a new batch. Well, I received the new postcard batch today, and they're looking pretty good! Here's a peek:

    IMAGE( Scenic Main Street...

  • Desura Keys Issues

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    Hi All,

    It turns out I had a bug in my Desura key request form, so the requests weren't getting recorded correctly.

    I've fixed the bug, and I've also reset all customer key request limits back to 1. If you've requested your Desura key before this news post, please try re-submitting your request.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • New Postcard Design

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    Hey Folks!

    I wasn't online as much today, since I had to run a few errands in town. However, one of those errands was checking out the proofs for the new postcard!

    What Was the Old Postcard?

    So far, customers who bought the "Yukon" Edition have been treated with a picturesque DMC skyline:

  • New Beta and Demo Builds: Delete Items and Bug Fixes

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    I've just finished uploading new beta (0.951b) and demo (0.951d) builds, updating both the browser and downloadable versions.

    Delete Items

    As mentioned Tuesday, the biggest change is the new ability to delete items:

    IMAGE( Click to Delete Items!

  • NEO Scavenger on Desura!

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    Good news, everyone! Desura approved NEO Scavenger last night, and officially launched the game's page this morning!

    IMAGE( NEO Scavenger's on Desura now!