July 2012

  • Crippling, Balancing, and New UI

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    Progress remains fast today, as I had a lot of time to test and tweak wounds, plus made updates to UI for better clarity.


    One of the last major pieces to the wound system is hooking up effects and tools for crippling conditions. As of this afternoon, the crippling is almost done. Both arms can be crippled independently, and doing so causes any held items in that arm to fall to the ground. What's more, that arm's hand slot is blocked until the crippled status is healed on the arm.

  • Wound Fixes, Condition Messages, and Press Coverage!

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    The wounding system was working much more smoothly today. The focus was more on working out the kinks than building, and I was able to get quite a bit of testing done. Most of the time, it involved me standing there, letting a looter pound on me with fists or a monkey wrench, with an occasional kick thrown in for good measure.

    Wound Tweaking

  • Wound Bug Fixing, and OOO Tomorrow

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    Was able to get quite a bit of testing done today. It revealed some pretty serious bugs in the system, one of which caused a looter to run away in a frenzy after bleeding to death and turning invisible.

    This was mainly due to a change in the way death happens. Since the new wound system kills via things like blood loss or septic shock, rather than simple hit point drain, the actual death tends to happen during game turn advancing, rather than immediately from damage. I had to do some reworking of the turn structure to cancel combat correctly if a creature dies.

  • Wounds Functional, and New Title Music!

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    I finished hooking up the rest of the wound locations today (yesterday was just the upper arms as a test). I was able to have a battle with a dogman, and he tore me up well enough for me to bleed to death, despite my constant beating him with a crowbar.

    The time scale on bleeding is a bit off, so I'm tweaking it now. My minor blood loss added up way too quickly, and shouldn't have bled me out in a handful of combat turns. I think combat turns are a bit more realistic now, but it'll take some more testing. I might have to reduce it more.

  • Gutting Old Wound System, Hooking Up the New

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    Lots of data rewriting today. After creating the conditions that get applied when creatures lose too much blood, feel too much pain, and have infections, I had to hook them up. Reviewing those old wound system values and hooking up the new ones took most of the day. There are currently almost 200 conditions in the game, and a good chunk of them (thirst, hunger, hypothermia, etc.) need to affect things like the rate of healing, recovery of lost blood, fighting infection, etc.

  • More Wound Locations, Bandages, and Test Run

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    I spent most of the morning working on the rest of the wound locations on humanoids, plus their bandages. Since Friday's effort added the ability to make equipped items look different in each slot, I was able to make bandages for each wound location. Here's what I've put together so far:

  • Equipped Item Refactoring, and Drugs

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    Progress slowed down a little today as I ran into a speed bump. As I was figuring out how to apply bandages and splints, I noticed some shortcomings in the code. For one thing, some effects were being double-applied when bandages were added and removed multiple times. Also, the way wounds currently work, bandages always looked clean, even if they had degraded into dirty bandages.

    While it's possible to live with that, I think it'll be much better to quickly see dirty bandages for what they are, without having to roll over them for info.

  • More Wounds, and Treatments

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    Progress towards operation wound man continues. While my range of wounds will probably never be as impressive as the medieval one linked above, we're getting better (or worse, depending on point of view). I finished up some artwork for the fracture wounds today, as well as a few new locations for cuts:

  • Applying Bandages to Wounds

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    Work on the wound system continues, and today I focused on the ability to apply items to wounds. So far, I've got dirty rags acting as bandages on my test wound, and it stops the bleeding temporarily while applied. Removing it again causes the bleeding to resume, unless the wound has healed in the meantime.

    Regarding healing, I'm considering having individual wounds evolve over time if left untreated. Pain should decrease over time naturally. Quick at first, the relief decelerates over time, with minor lingering pain lasting a long while.

  • First Peek at Wounds

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    After another day of coding and art, the wound system is starting to take shape. I put together a new screen for viewing and treating wounds, and replaced the current "Conditions" list with it. Here's a screenshot of the current layout in action:

    IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2012-07-17.png) That's gonna need some Bactine...

  • Wounds: The Plan Is Coming Together

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    After most of a day of brain-wracking, I think we're approaching a design that'll work for wounds. I barely had time to start coding anything by the time the day was ending, but at least I have a clear direction in mind for tomorrow.

    I did some test art for a nasty, infected, bleeding, bruised arm, but I'm hesitant to show it until I'm sure I can actually make it work. If it does work, hopefully it means we can present you with a visual of the wounds and their statuses, and allow treating of them individually.

  • Combat Phase 2: Wounds

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    I started looking into wounds today. After almost 10 hours of perusing Wikipedia, medical websites, and learning about infections, shock, and other fun stuff, I have a pretty huge document of notes. Plus, Cameron's already done quite a bit of research and has some good proposals.

    No code yet, but some ideas are starting to formulate. I think we can manage to make wounds pretty scary, but also fun. Things like complications, infection, blood loss, plus the tools and techniques for dealing with them, may make for yet another tactical minigame. That's the hope, anyway!

  • New Beta Build: End Turn Fixes and Combat Info

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    I just finished uploading a new beta build, v0.942b, which addresses some new bugs that were introduced. It also includes some UI updates to hopefully make things more intuitive.

    End Turn Bugs

    There were some issues with last night's build which caused some turns to never end. This was most noticeable when using Rest+Heal, Sleep, or trying to enter the DMC gates. The game would just go into an endless loop.

    That should be fixed now, so let me know if it's still happening anywhere.

    Sleep and Rest+Heal Buttons

  • Forum Issues

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    There were some issues with forum posting and beta access this morning. While they appear to be resolved now, if you're still having any issues (particularly with ordering, accessing the game, etc.) please get in touch via email using the "Contact" link above.

    Thank you for your patience, and I apologize for the inconvenience!

  • New Beta Build: Combat Phase 1

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    Beta v0.941b is here! I had a stable enough build today that I decided to try and upload it to share progress so far. Sure enough, immediately after uploading it, I started finding bugs. Still, there's lots of new stuff there to play with, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    So what's new?

    Combat Phase 1

  • NPC Battles and Message Window

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    I spent quite a lot of time today working on NPC battles and combat balancing. But first, a peek at a new UI feature I added to help with larger battles.

    Expandable Message Window

    Since combat with multiple opponents was starting to produce a large number of messages each turn, I decided the current 5-line message window wouldn't cut it any longer. So I set about making it possible to see further into the message history without disrupting the UI too much.

  • Back From Holidays, Working on Multiple Combatants

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    So vacation was a success. Lots of sun, campfires, crickets, and chopping wood. Just what I needed to ensure I don't waste away at my computer :)

    Multiple Combatants

    I spent most of today bug-fixing combat for multiple combatants. Things were going pretty smoothly before vacation as long as there was one-on-one combat, but I hadn't yet tested multiple opponents.

  • Out of Office This Week

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    Hey All,

    Just a heads-up that I'll be on holiday this week, so things will get pretty quiet until I'm back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stabilize the build enough this weekend to launch, so I'll have to wait until I'm back to finish up and share. Sorry!

    I'll still check email periodically, in case any major issues arise (order problems, server outages, etc.).

    Hope everyone has a good week, and see you soon!