May 2012

  • New Beta Build: Bug Fixes, Plus Plot Work

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    Work continues on plot planning, which as usual, I will be cagey about sharing :)

    However, there's also a new beta build today! Build 0.937b was just uploaded, as I had accumulated a string of fixes that seemed worth publishing. These are fixes I could scrape together without redesigning whole systems, so some bug fixes are delayed until I have time to do major work.

    Tonight's fixes include:

  • Tile Work and Plot Drafting

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    Today's been another day of focusing on content. I spent most of the morning working on some new tiles, which will be used in a future plot line. I'm starting to run out of room on my hex sheet, so I might have to do some reorganizing to accommodate more hex types.

    I also did some brainstorming on encounter structure for one of the subplots in the game. It took some time to get my brain in gear, but by the end of the day, I was able to start producing ideas more frequently. I guess I've been in coding mode for too long.