April 2012

  • Next Feature: More Plot!

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    Well, the voting continued over the weekend, and "more plot" edged out higher resolution, so it's official! I'll be working on plot for the next little while, expanding the story of our gown-bedecked protagonist and his situation. It may be longer between builds during this phase, since adding plot bit-by-bit might be more spoiler than fun until it's all working in concert. However, I'll still try to address bugs as I go, so do keep me posted as things pop up in that area.

  • Crafting Overhaul on Hold, Starting to Look at Resolution/Plot

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    So after a morning of wrestling with crafting system redesigns, I took a few steps back, and realized it was a huge amount of work for relatively small gain. The most exciting thing I could be doing right now for NEO Scavenger isn't making the crafting system easier to maintain, it's doing what you've asked me to do!

    And interestingly, it appears there has been a recent shift in what that is: a voting surge has put plot and higher resolution neck-in-neck. A single vote could tip the priority toward one or the other!

  • New Beta Build: Sleep and Scavenge Bug Fixes

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    Hi Guys! I just uploaded a minor build update, 0.936b. It addresses two issues that came up.

    First, some players were experiencing a bug where sleep was triggered when visiting the camp screen. This typically occurred later in a game session, after sleeping at least once. This bug should be fixed now.

  • PR Day, Plus Some Crafting Research

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    Been a pretty slow day for code today. I spent a large chunk of it doing some PR-related stuff, including an interview! I'll be sure to post a link once that's published.

    Crafting System

  • New Beta Build: Camp icons, condition updates, visibility changes, and other fixes

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    Just uploaded another beta build, 0.935b. One of the big changes in this build is camp icons!

    Camping, next right.

    Now, whenever a player adds items to a camp, or changes the default camp site, an icon is added to that hex. Like other icons, it is only visible if player has line-of-sight to the hex. This icon should persist across save games as well.

  • New Beta Build: It's the Little Things...

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    I just finished uploading a new beta build, mostly full of tiny changes, plus a few big ones.

    Beta Build 0.934b

    Today's build includes:

  • Working on AI, Crafting, and Encounter Fixes

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    No new build tonight, but I've been working on some changes and fixes.

    First of all, I'm experimenting with some code to alphabetize the quick recipe list. So far, it appears to be working, so hopefully in the next build, you should be seeing your quick recipe buttons sorted alphabetically.

  • New Beta Build: End Turn and Load Fixes

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    I've just uploaded beta build 0.933b, which includes additional fixes for some problems folks have been seeing since the day/night/camping feature went in.

    It turns out there was a bug in the game when trying to load an invalid condition on some creatures, which would cause the game to crash. This was causing some loads to fail, leaving a black screen. This should be fixed now.

  • New Beta Build: Bug Fix

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    I just uploaded beta build 0.932b to fix a pretty significant bug in AI code. The bug was that AI near the edge of the map would try checking all adjacent hexes, but some adjacent hexes wouldn't exist at the edge of the map, causing the AI loop to crash between player turns. (As described here)

  • New Beta Build: For Those With Load Issues

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    Hey Guys,

    Some folks were having trouble loading games, and it might be tied to a cached old copy. To help in tracking down this issue, I re-uploaded last night's build, but with the version number changed to 0.931b. Hopefully, this should help us to determine whether folks are seeing the latest build or not.

    If you're having issues loading the game, and the build still says 0.930b, try reloading the webpage and/or clearing your browser's cache. If the issue persists, and you're seeing v0.931b, then perhaps we have a different issue.

  • New Beta Build: Camps, Darkness, Torches, and More!

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    I just finished uploading a new beta build, and it's a pretty significant set of changes. As with any build, there may be some wonkiness and bugs to sort out. This build may be especially unruly, as it harbors a number of new systems. So I apologize in advance if it misbehaves. Let me know on the forums if it does!

    Unfortunately, I forgot to increment the build number, so it'll still say 0.930b. However, if your new game is missing "Night Vision" from the starting skill selection, then you're seeing the latest.

  • Early Bird News: Forums now use BBCode!

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    Hey Guys! I just made a website change before getting to work on game code. The BBG forums now use BBCode! (I'm sure that stands for "Blue Bottle" Code, and not "Bulletin Board" Code. :)

  • Creature Detection, AI, and Torches

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    Still working on night visibility and creature behavior, though I finally got enough done to start testing torches. It's not acting quite right, though, so I'll be working out the kinks tomorrow.

  • Night Blindness, Torches, and Creature Detection

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    I was able to get more done today, thankfully. There were still some lingering camp-stat bugs in the save/load process, but I think I sorted those out. With the camps (mostly) behaving again, it was time to resume progress on day/night changes.

  • More Camp Bugs

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    It's been a pretty slow day today, still no stable builds to upload. Camp statistics are still giving me grief, and at one point, a bug was so weird I didn't believe it when I saw it. Normally, when one inspects an object in the IDE, they see a snapshot of the application's data when it paused. However, inspecting the camp's value caused it to change, and worse, close my inspector window. Unsure if my computer was haunted, I decided to upgrade my debugger, in case it helped.

  • Fatal accidents and other fixes

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    Still no new builds, unfortunately. I've been tracking down some tricky bugs today, and still have a bit more to do before getting back to night/day effects.

  • The Real World: Post Apocalyptic Michigan

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    I've officially come down with something. I guess it's just the regular spring-time sickness I'm due for. Nothing serious, thankfully, just the icky feeling of congestion and soreness. A perfect day to tackle AI code :)

  • NEO Scavenger: From Dusk Til Dawn

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    No new builds today, but I've started working on night time changes for the beta. They're based on some really great player feedback, and I'm pretty excited to try them. When complete, the game will probably play a bit differently at night from what you're used to. However, while these changes seem cool in theory, there's always a chance it'll be worse in practice. So once it's up and running, feel free to tell me if you think it improved the game or not.

  • New Beta Build, and New Order Process

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    I just finished uploading beta build 0.930b, which includes a few fixes and improvements. But first, I want to mention a change to the order process.

    New Order Process

    A few customers have expressed concerns about having to enter phone and address info in the order process, particularly when using PayPal. I checked with my payment provider, FastSpring, and they were able to help me change the process to require less info.

  • New Beta Build: Camp items and accident relief!

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    I just finished uploading beta build 0.929b, and many may be relieved by the changes to scavenging accidents.

    As of tonight's build, the roof collapse and ravine fall are no longer the only accident outcome when scavenging. Instead, there are several other outcomes of lesser severity. Of these new accidents, roughly half have no associated injury at all, and are simply "flavor."