March 2012

  • The people have spoken!

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    Today, our very first feature votes were cast!

    The people have spoken!

    A total of five features are in the running for most popular. For a little while, I was wondering if folks were just holding their cards close to their chests to see what others did first. Someone finally got brave, though. So check it out, and see if you agree!

  • New Beta Build: Falling Sky and Container Contents Update

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    Just finished uploading a new Beta build (though it still says v0.91). This update addresses a bug found when scavenging open fields: occasionally, the roof would collapse!

    That should no longer happen, thankfully. Scavenging in an open field is dangerous enough!

    Also, containers should now report whether they have any items inside or not in the rollover/popup text. It wasn't always clear whether a container was empty or not from just the icons.

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

  • New Beta Feature: Sneaking!

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    NEO Scavenger beta v0.91 has just been uploaded, and it sports a new feature: sneaking!

  • Tips from the Apocalypse #1

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    Just realized there is some confusion in the demo as to sleeping vs. end turn. If this is you, here's a handy tip!

    When you move, you use up movement points. When those points are exhausted, press End Turn to finish your turn, and replenish those points. Creatures will each take their turns, then you can move again. I've even mapped this to the spacebar, so you can use it frequently without having to click the little green button.

  • Welcome to Blue Bottle Games

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    Hey Folks! Welcome to Blue Bottle Games's new website!

    It's been many months in the making, but it's finally time to launch my new company. I'm a little nervous. In fact, I'm not really sure what to do. The best I can figure is that you're here to find out about two things: Blue Bottle Games, and NEO Scavenger.

    Blue Bottle Games