March 2012

  • Still Camping...

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    Posting a bit early tonight, as I'm wrapping up in a few minutes. We have plans this evening. In town. With people. ACTUAL HUMAN CONTACT.

    One thing I definitely don't do much, now that I'm an indie, is get out. In fact, the last time I went anywhere was a week ago, and that was to mail postcards. So tonight should be a nice change: happy hour at a pub in town!

  • Camp Camp Camp...

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    Work continues on the player camp system. I got a good chunk of the camp inventory screen wired up, and it's now possible to see available campsites for the current hex, as well as the currently selected site's stats and contents:

  • Work on Player Camp Started

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    No new builds today. However, I've started working on the first draft of player camp. It's a bit tricky coming up with a system that includes the many good suggestions I've heard, while simultaneously leveraging existing systems. It looks like I'll need to extend a few systems, at least, and possibly write some additional ones.

  • Item Weight Fixes, Roof Balancing, and Save Game Change

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    Small changes today, but a few of them will have big impacts. Read on for more info.

    Demo Build 0.916d

    First off, roof accidents have been balanced. I adjusted chances of roof collapse to be lower in most cases, except for ruined buildings. This should mean roof collapse during scavenging is a little less ridiculous, though still possible. More tweaking will likely be needed, but this seemed like a pretty straightforward and necessary change, based on feedback.

  • Bug Fix Builds, Postcards, and Player Camp

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    Hey Everybody! I've got some new builds for you today, with some fixes to persistent save/load bugs and other weirdness. But first, postcards!

  • New Builds: Encumberance, Condition, and "Death by Everything" solved!

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    I just finished uploading new demo and beta builds, which should hopefully address a number of long-standing bugs. It was a multi-day, bug-fixing extravaganza, and probably not as exciting as I make it sound. The changes are subtle, to the casual observer, but they make the game play more consistently and reliably.

  • Progress on Encumberance and Conditions, But No New Builds Yet

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    Well, it was an interesting day inside NEO Scavenger's source code. What I thought would be a couple of quick, effective fixes to encumberance and status conditions turned out to be an epic wrestling match. The number of bugs I found in the systems made me chant the phrase all too well-known to developers: "how did this ever work, in the first place?"

  • New Builds: Save Game and Item Consumption Fixes

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    Hey Guys! I've just finished uploading new Demo and Beta builds. Here's what to expect:

    Demo Build 0.913d

    I've fixed a bunch of item consumption issues. Namely, it should no longer be possible to consume lighter fluid (despite rumors, it had no effects :), the medkit should only work with charges now (sorry guys!), plus some under-the-hood changes for better reliability and maintenance.

  • Save Game Issues and New Features on Voting Page

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    So it looks like the save game feature I uploaded still has a few bugs. Some folks have reported mostly blank screens after loading, and others have noted status changes or time-lapses. I'm keeping a list of issues as I read them, and I'll take a look tomorrow.

    Today, I tried to dive back into the forums to answer questions and write down suggestions. I only managed to respond to a handful, so I apologize if I haven't seen your comments yet. The comments continue to be very well-informed and helpful, and I'll do my best to read as many as possible!

  • Beta Now Has Save Games!

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    Good news everyone! I managed to get the first draft of save games up and running! I apologize for being incommunicado today, but I figured I'd hunker down, turn off the internet, and get at least rudimentary save games working. And I think it worked! But first, some updates:

  • Postcards Update

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    I've started signing the postcards, and I'm making pretty good progress. However, one thing occurred to me: some purchasers of the Yukon Edition may be buying the game for someone else. So far, I've been using the "billing address" name from the receipt FastSpring sends me after each order.

  • Postcard Pics and Progress on Save Game Feature

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    Hey All! Been a pretty productive day today. More time spent coding than emailing/posting, so I have some news on Save Game progress. But first, postcards!

  • City Scavenge Results: Postcards!

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    So, today's trek into the city was a success! The first postcard batch looks pretty good! I'll try to upload some pics soon, and I'll likely start putting them in envelopes and sending them out this weekend.

    I also had fun asking the nice ladies at Shopper's Drug Mart which lipstick would transfer the best onto postcards. "Matte," they said. "Definitely matte. You're going to want a rich color, just really gob it on there, and choose something non-glossy." So there you have it, folks. Tips from the pros.

  • Wednesday Demo and Beta Builds, and AFK Tomorrow

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    Hey Guys! I finally finished yesterday's refactoring, plus some bug fixes, so new builds today!

    Demo Updates

    Today's demo build (0.911d) has a few bug fixes which should make demo players happy. First of all, I finally fixed the ammo bug in the rifles. Previously, ammo wouldn't load into rifles with slings and/or scopes. Now, you should be able to load both ammo types into all rifles, and use them accordingly.

  • Postcards and Build Status

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    Another exciting day has come to a close for Blue Bottle Games. The press has been kind, saying nice things about NEO Scavenger, despite the game's misbehaving. Here are a few spots, for those that missed 'em:

  • Forum Frenzy and Feature Voting

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    Phew! Lots of activity in the forums these days! We're up to triple-digit concurrent users, and double-digit registered users! That translates into a lot of forum feedback and questions. I did my best to sweep through and snipe a bunch of them, and I apologize if I didn't get to yours. Though, it looks like some of the veteran players have stepped up to help educate the new folks. Great job guys!

  • Monday Demo and Beta Updates

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    NEO Scavenger: Now with Resizing/Scaling Windows!

    It would appear that the jar of screaming eyes is not the only source of optical anguish. Quite a few people have mentioned that the size of the game, and in particular the font, make the game hard to see and read. So in an effort to alleviate that issue in the short term, I've added links to resizable windows so you can play at the resolution of your choice!

  • New Demo and Beta Builds, and Internet Woes

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    Been a rough day at the office today. Internet has been in a constant state of flux since 6:30am. I managed to get a few forum posts in during the limited uptime, but for most of the day, been operating internet "dark."

    The good news is that less time spent on the internet translated into more productivity! Both the beta and the demo get an update today!

  • New Beta Feature: Recipe Hint Scraps!

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    Another new beta build upload today. Since crafting was the biggest voting item, I decided to start working on crafting features. The first change is in today's new build: scraps of paper with crafting hints!

  • Beta Build: Colored Floaties

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    Just finished a new beta build upload. It still has the v0.91 label though. (Doh! One day I'll remember to increment that). Today's big update: floaties and messages!