• New Concept Art, Power Grids, and Repairs

    Hey Folks!

    We've been busy over at Blue Bottle Games since the Ostranauts teaser launch, and I wanted to share some of the highlights from the past month.

    So what's new?

    Well, if you have a minute, I've cut a video to walk through some of the more interesting changes:

    New Concept Art, Power Grids, and Repairs

    In the video, I show off the latest

  • Video and Newsletter Incoming

    Hey Folks! Getting ready to upload a new video, as well as send out a newsletter to recap the work since launch. There's been a flurry of work in the past month, and it can sometimes help to see it all in once place. I had hoped to be ready with it today, but it's taking a bit longer to cut. Hopefully tomorrow!

    In other news, I started testing the new 3x3 red reactor with

  • Reactor Basic Controls Online

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lots of yard work for us, as the warmer weather blows in.

    Back the office, the reactor is mostly doing what it should now. Able to switch off, battery mode, ignition mode, and charge mode. I has some minor glitches in the UI when switching modes, but overall, does what it should. I'd like to shore that up a bit more, but I might be able

  • Reactor Progress, and Context Menus!

    Hey Folks! Quite a bit to show off today, as both the reactor and context menu made significant strides.

    On the reactor task, I've not got it correctly switching between "off" and "battery" modes. When the reactor is off, batteries on the input side are segregated from the reactor's output, which means the whole ship can be shut down through the reactor.

  • Tweaking Power Systems

    Hey Folks! Progress was a bit limited today, due to a parent-teacher conference this morning, and some tax paperwork in the afternoon. However, I did manage to get a little bit of quality time with the reactor and battery system.

    I'm trying to get the reactor to route power from batteries when its power bus is set to anything except "off." Sort of like a giant switch that

  • Ship Construction Clean-Up

    Hey Folks! Had a bit more time to do some coding today, and also caught-up with Michael on the current to-do list.

    There were a couple of rendering issues that had accumulated, and they were pretty easy fixes, so I warmed-up on those. Mainly changing z-level values on certain objects to be more consistent with the rest of the items in the game. And while I was in there, I removed the

  • Sick Yesterday, Catch-Up Today

    Hey Folks! Sorry for the lapse in news yesterday. It was my turn for the family gastroenteritis, which pretty much left me bed-ridden for the entire day. Stomach's still feeling a bit delicate today, but miles ahead of yesterday, thankfully! Must've accidentally eaten some raw squirrel meat...

    Anyway, super catch-up today as I had to cover everything since Friday.

  • Today I Ran a Studio

    Hey Folks! Bit of a weird day today. Pretty much 100% of today's tasks were running the game studio. And I didn't mind it as much as I expected.

    First order of business today was a conversation with a potential publisher. I wasn't originally planning on going that route, but I'm starting to get some invitations to talk, and it's got me thinking. Whatever happens

  • Equipment Control Overrides

    Hey Folks! Today was a bit of everything as I pulled Michael's pathfinding changes in, added some features to ship equipment, and gave some feedback to Sabina on the concept art.

    Michael's pathfinding is now part of the main branch, and seems to do just about everything it should. And faster, to boot! Currently, there are only two bugs I've found. First, ranged

  • Tear Down These Walls

    ...and put them up again!

    Michael's got the wall uninstall/reinstall feature working, so it's now possible to tear down a wall and put it up elsewhere. He's going to do the same for floor tiles next. And once done, that's a good chunk of the way towards getting a derelict fixed-up, as it'll allow players to seal-off areas of the ship that have holes in the walls