Around the Shipbreaker’s Yard is the Boneyard, where dozens, even hundreds of low priority derelicts await deconstruction. Ayotimiwa allows scavengers to pick over its wrecks for rare or legacy parts - publicly it condemns the practice but makes no real effort to end it - knowing that it benefits from the secondary economy their existence creates on K-Leg, and from the traffic of ships which seek it out. Finding old or rare parts in the System is very often simply a matter of trying your luck at K-Leg, and much cheaper than tracking down the original manufacturer.

-Excerpt from Nnamdi Azikiwe Station, ‘K-Leg’: Where Ships and Fools Go To Die


Ostranauts takes place in the same universe as NEO Scavenger, at approximately the same time or soon after. However, it follows a separate cast of characters having their own, parallel story.

In this universe, human civilization has expanded into the solar system, inhabiting many of the planets, moons, and asteroids. However, the collapse of civilization on Earth, coupled with the ablation cascade in orbit, has rendered Earth unreachable. Those colonies unable to adapt withered and died. The rest formed the collection of states, corporations, and factions of the System.

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