How to Play

Surviving the wasteland of NEO Scavenger is challenging. No need for you to go in unprepared! The following is a collection of instructions and useful info for surviving your trek. Stay safe, and good luck out there!

NEO Scavenger Wiki

Players have been working hard maintaining a NEO Scavenger Wiki on Wikia, which includes up-to-date info on how to play the game, locations, items, and more. Note that it does contain spoilers, however!

For those who are looking for tutelage without the spoilers...

NEO Scavenger Manual (PDF)

Comprehensive instructions on all features and UI in NEO Scavenger. Compiled and "de-spoilered" by Bernd Wahl from the NEO Scavenger Wiki, this PDF includes controls, rule info, and tips to help you survive the wastes of Michigan!

Note: since this document was written during the "beta" phase, there are some minor inconsistencies between this document and the latest version of the game. However, this should be accurate in most areas (especially the important ones) until an updated manual can be written.

PDF Manual for NEO Scavenger