City Ruins

Post Apocalyptic Setting with Elements of Supernatural Horror

NEO Scavenger takes place in a near-future, post apocalyptic Earth, where human warfare and supernatural activity have fragmented mankind into struggling pockets of civilization. Harsh wilderness and blasted ruins cover most of the planet, dotted by fragile settlements that can be extinguished in an instant. A few cities survived the apocalypse, evolving into massive, ultra-urban fortresses. Other areas have become so devastated that even to this day, the only inhabitants are the ghosts of the past.

Story and Sandbox Play

NEO Scavenger is not only a survival sandbox game, but also a story-based, mystery-solving game. Players begin the game with many questions about what happened. Through playing the game and surviving long enough, players can find places, meet people, and uncover clues to their (and the world's) past.

Strategic, Turn-based Play

The game takes place on a hex grid, with movement and combat taking place in a turn-based fashion. Visibility is limited by obstacles and elevation, as well as day/night. Apart from boundaries and a few landmarks, the map is randomized each game, meaning terrain features and resources move from game-to-game. And the ever-present threat of monsters and bandits lurks around every corner. Choose your battles carefully, use discretion when scavenging a site, and only sleep when you're absolutely safe.

Character Customization

Start each game with strengths and weaknesses you choose. Decide which areas of knowledge you'll have, which abilities, and which skills. Want more than the normal starting amount? Choose a handicap or two to grant some extra space for skills. You choose your play style, be it tough guy, scientist, woodsman, skulker, or something of your own design!

High-quality, Hand-drawn Art

NEO Scavenger is all illustrated by hand, in a style that harkens back to the height of single-player, computer role-playing games. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the game world from an isometric perspective. Individually drawn items change appearance as they are equipped, dropped, or wielded. Enjoy hand-painted vignettes during key encounters and scenes.

Items in NEO Scavenger

Scavenger's Paradise

Your survival in the wastelands of NEO Scavenger depends on knowing where to look for useful items, and knowing what's worth taking versus leaving. Scavenge the ruins of old suburban neighborhoods for old clothes and tools. Use your knowledge of plants to scavenge for food in the forest. A large variety of items awaits the persistent and prepared scavenger, many of which have multiple uses. But beware, many items won't last long in the demanding life of a scavenger. Survivors are always looking for backup items!

Survival Management

Survival in NEO Scavenger requires constant managing of resources. Keep a watchful eye on your hunger and thirst. Is the outside temperature dropping? Do you have enough clothing to keep your core temperature up? When was the last time you slept? Can you go much longer before passing out? Keep all of these in balance, or risk potentially crippling or fatal conditions.

Rigorous Inventory Management

Position and rotate items into your available carrying space to maximize your carrying capacity. Everything has a use, and most items have value. But choose what you carry carefully. Everything also has weight. Overburdening yourself means you'll fatigue faster, and space taken by one item may mean sacrificing another.

Crafting of Items

Use items you've scavenged to make useful tools and prepare food. Not sure if that water is safe to drink? Boil it first. Deep in the woods and need warm clothes? Try skinning some squirrels for their fur. Scavenging is as much about making do with what you have as it is about finding what you need.

Challenging Gameplay

NEO Scavenger is not an easy game. You will not be told what to do, or how to survive. There is no hand-holding, and nobody's got your back. Mistakes quickly turn into death in the apocalypse. And when you die, that's it. Game over.