Frequently Asked Questions


What games are you working on?
  • Now: Ostranauts.
  • Later: NEO Scavenger 2.
  • Future: More stories in the NEO Scavenger universe.
  • Back Burner: Replacing NEO Scavenger Flash-based desktop engine with new Haxe-based engine.
Who is Blue Bottle Games?
The About Us page has info on the company, team, and policies.
Do you take feature or content suggestions?


If you have an idea about something I am currently working on, add a comment to the news post where you saw me work on it. E.g. if I'm posting news about working on AI, this is a very good time to make AI suggestions! I actively check these comments for feedback, and the single most likely place for me to absorb new ideas is here, since I'm already editing the relevant code.

If the idea is about something I'm not currently working on, usually I recommend that folks post them in the appropriate Suggestions forum to keep them all in one place. Doing it that way has a few benefits:

  1. It gives you a chance to see if the idea (or one like it) has already been proposed.
  2. It gives the community a chance to discuss the idea's pros and cons.

When it comes time for me to add a new feature, I'll often look through the suggestions forum first. I usually already know what I want to try, but sometimes new ideas come from reading forum posts. Also, if a lot of people are discussing an idea on the forums (and seem excited by it), that's usually a sign it's worth looking into more.


When will Ostranauts be available for sale?
When it's worth buying :) Currently, I'm aiming for Early Access in late 2019.
What platforms will Ostranauts be on?
Windows, for sure. I'm not currently advertising it as Linux or OSX compatible, because I wasn't really able to support issues found on those systems very well in my last game. I don't want to promise something I can't deliver and/or maintain. That said, this is a Unity game, so it's possible it will work without much trouble. And I might consider making the game officially Windows-only, but provide experimental builds for other OSes.
Will Ostranauts be available in Early Access (EA)?
Most likely, yes. I plan to release Ostranauts in a similar way to NEO Scavenger. When the game is enjoyable to play, relatively stable, and with some minimum amount of content, it'll go into EA. I'll then start improving and fixing it over time until it reaches a point where it feels complete, at which point it'll go into Final Release.
How much will it cost?
About the same as comparable titles when it launches. Whatever that means :) The price will likely be lower in Early Access than Final Release, to reflect improvements and new content added over the course of Early Access.
Will Ostranauts support modding?
Yes. I'm going to try to make as much of the content as possible accessible via plain text data files and images, so modders can tinker.
What languages will Ostranauts support?
English to start, and I hope to add more as time permits. I am designing Ostranauts with modders and translators in mind, so it should hopefully be easier to localize than NEO Scavenger was.
Can I translate Ostranauts for you?
If you want to unofficially make a translation mod when the game is available, go for it! If you want to be the official translator, no need to email me. I'll find you :)

NEO Scavenger

Is NEO Scavenger still being updated?
NEO Scavenger is no longer receiving content or feature updates. I may, from time to time, fix bugs or add so-called "quality of life" features (e.g. porting engine from Flash to better, desktop-friendly engine). But new content and gameplay features are likely reserved for the future sequel. I did, however, take a month or so to try porting the old Flash-based code to a new Haxe-based engine. I got pretty far with this, but was still having crashes and rendering issues on certain GPUs. So it's on hold until I can find time to revisit it.
Will you translate NEO Scavenger?

While it's true that there are many non-English players who wish to play it, there are a few significant issues with preparing the game for non-English languages.

Apart from the large word count (almost 180k words in data files, plus unknown number of words in source code and sprites), there is significant work to be done in making the UI support non-Latin glyphs, and buttons/labels requiring variable sizes in each language.

As such, it is unlikely NEO Scavenger will receive any localization.

Can I translate NEO Scavenger for you?

No. For the reasons stated above, I am not accepting translations for NEO Scavenger at this time. Thanks for offering, though!

If I purchased NEO Scavenger on <platform X>, can I have a free copy on <platform Y>?

If you are referring to Win/Mac/Linux, then yes. Buying the desktop version comes with access to each other desktop OS's respective build, and you can download said build from wherever you purchased the game. This applies to copies from this site, Steam,, Humble, etc.

In all other cases, the answer is unfortunately "no."

It's a neat idea, but even if I could afford to do this, I'm not sure I could make it happen. In the case of the mobile version, Apple/Google have heavy restrictions on free keys. And even without restrictions, I don't think I could reliably make sure each customer got exactly one.

I apologize for the bad news!

Does NEO Scavenger Mobile Support Modding?
No, unfortunately. Tiago and I tried to enable mod support on mobile, but there were too many technical hurdles involved. This is not likely to change. Sorry!
Is there any difference between the mobile and desktop versions?
The gameplay and content are identical. The UI is almost identical, but was optimized for touch controls on mobile (added things like swiping, zoom, and pan). Mobile also has achievements and leaderboards, which do not exist on desktop. Meanwhile, desktop supports modding, and mobile does not.
Where can I learn more about NEO Scavenger lore?

NEO Scavenging for story and lore is an excellent guide on how to probe the game for more lore. But if you're interested in the stuff not explained in-game, it's more spread out across the net in forums, interviews, etc. Like this chat about lore choices might be relevant, as well as this discussion specifically about dogmen.

Also, check out this AMA-style discussion of NEO Scavenger's setting, lore, and background.