(Zone Denial) Mosquito Clouds, Gas, Acid Rain, Heat Waves And other disasters

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(Zone Denial) Mosquito Clouds, Gas, Acid Rain, Heat Waves And other disasters

Hi i'm new, I just bought the game and I already have 60+ hours. Just got addicted to it.
I have a lot of ideas so i think i'll stick to the forums a little longer, the problem is that english isn't my native language but i'll try my best.

Straight to the point, here's my first suggestion:

Zone denial disasters to keep you away from your comfort zone or to pospone your plans for tomorrow unless you have the proper tools to navigate them (or face the consequences). In general, zone denial as an idea seems pretty OK to me. But to give the suggestion some substance i'll try to brainstorm a couple of ideas.

Mosquito Clouds - Those spawn near humid areas, like marshes (mostly), lakes (possible) and rivers (uncommon), have a radius of activity (let's say, 2 hexes from the center) and the center travels randomly around the area (near water) at a certain pace (let's say 1 hex per turn) the player and every living token get diseases by entering them, obviously NPC's should be able to avoid them. Can get a chance of enduring them with fire (torches), better chance with homemade repelent (trapping + poisonous berries), and outstanding chance and duration with a farmaceutical Repelent. It should be interesting to get people out of their usual water supply.

Gas Canisters - This is triggered zone denial. from a NPC token or the player. Pretty straight-forward. You click it, everything will die soon in a growing radius.

Acid Rain - The Black Swamp isn't a problem anymore to me, just got used to it. Nothing scary about it. Let's add some paranoia-fuel to keep brave scavengers on their toes. When it's raining everything in the Black Swamp gets melted, from your health to your items' durability.

Heat Waves - Drastic climate shifting in some huge areas (global warming anyone?) with both, cold and hot huge spikes changing randomly, making survival a lot more problematic, not gamebreaker but can surely get you killed if you aren't prepared, should be forecasted easily, to give the player a chance to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible, and giving us a reason to check on the map more often.

Acid Storm - Should be forecasted, the same as Acid Rain but everywhere without a roof on the map for a handful of turns. The point is to disuade the player to wander around without hoarding some supplies somewhere to be able to lose some turns under a roof. And maybe making some fun situations of NPCs trying to get the same safezones as you do.

Traps - Pretty simple, you arm it in a city, debris or forest and you can't scavenge, invade or pick items without getting hurt. Countered by eagle eye skill.

Not sure about those specific ideas, but I hope you get the general idea of Zone denial to add more awkwardness to comfort zones and to punish those who spam certain strategy or resource.

These are some pretty cool ideas! I don't know if a mod maker could put them in the game, though it seems reasonable that some of these could be made. The rain and storm effects especially. The heat wave could be made, but I don't know about forecasting for any of these, sadly.
However, we can always hope for these to be implemented in some way in Neo Scavenger 2. :) But I will admit that these would make games much more interesting.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

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