Zhuangzi Phenomenology


Zhuangzi Phenomenology is an advanced communications company formed to deliver faster-than-light information transfer speeds to its customers. Zhuangzi’s proprietary technology exploits recent developments in quantum entanglement (QE) and the controlled observation of quantum bits (qubits). All attempts by competitors to reverse engineer this functionality have failed. Accordingly, Zhuangzi has a private monopoly on FTL communications.

  • Service: Communications (superluminal)
  • Origin: Henan Station
  • Parent company: Zhuangzi
  • Ticker symbol: ZHZI


Zhuangzi Phenomenology is a division of Zhuangzi, Xinhua’s oldest surviving tech giant.

Technical capabilities

Zhuangzi’s veil of secrecy around its network’s design, and its refusal to publish definitive operational data, has led to public speculation about the capabilities and limitations of the product. According to Claudia Vasconcelos at the High Energy Research Institute of Ganymede, their technology is not ‘true’ FTL in the sense that it does not appear to break relativity.

For a current-gen node, the bandwidth achieved in a point to point exchange is judged by third-party observers at under 0.5 kb/s, or around 200 words per minute. Higher demand is satisfied by adding additional nodes in parallel.

Transmission rates have been steadily improving since the product’s launch, during which a node could deliver around 40wpm. Some theorise that instead of technological innovation, Zhuangzi instead artificially limited their own product, and are slowly ramping up its capacity.


Limitless communication

We did the impossible. We’re dreaming the inconceivable.

“The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too big, for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions.”
Master Zhuang