yet another glitch with floors - bad position of tile

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yet another glitch with floors - bad position of tile

in the some broken ships i found the items wich is positioned in the center of the sqare of 2x2 tiles.
this item can not be get into the inventory or can not be repaired or scrapped.
but what is typical - small vessels do not "get sick" with this "disease" - only big ships with reactors.

Which types of items appear like this most often? Are they loose items like food packets and scrap? Or installed objects like thrusters or walls?

If you have a save file where this is happening, and you're willing to zip the file and upload it, I could take a look. I might be able to find some more clues to help fix this bug in future builds.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

which type of items? some grey-colored scrap (but not trash - trash is near-orange-colored). other problems in misplacing i not seen.

Okay, I may know what is causing this. I've seen a few player save files where items inside stacks "forget" which parent object they belong to, and they just appear at random places on the screen. Seems to be a bug with missing stack parent info.

I still don't know what causes the missing parent info, but at least I can begin my search. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I think I encountered this issue. You're definitely right about it being stack-related.

My findings so far.
The easy way to reproduce this is to place a stack of items that is at maximum stack I.E a stack of 5-floor tiles uninstall the floor under the stack the tile being uninstalled will jump to the nearest walkable tile now at this point the stack of 5 floors is "floating"(technically in an illegal position) as there is nothing under it and also since it is a stack of 5 and 5 being the maximum it is now nonstackable (same as trying to stack 2 objects of a different type with each other).
Next comes the magic.
Open your inventory pick something up from the ground and place it on top of the 5 stack of floor tiles
POOOF both objects get deleted but the sprites are still there in the original position.
HOWEVER, my guess is you'll find the fix in the next line of text I'm throwing at you.
When you have your inventory open and take an object from your inventory, not the ground and place it on the 5 stack of floors it works as intended...

EDIT: The plot thickens.... Sorry
After testing this on a derelict outside kleg a few times to make sure what I'm saying is actually happening as I'm describing i jumped to a different station with the rescue instadock debug tool and low and behold look what i found ....
The stuff I tested with that got deleted but the images of the sprites stayed behind are on that same position in every ship or station I go to now...

Notice how the game is telling us if you Tinker too much ill take a shit on you...

Ting kerr deficate on

I had a good chuckle when I saw that.

Thanks for reporting to us!
Sounds like another old bug coming back from the dead to haunt us, thought we fixed it already but I guess not T-T
We'll get on it, and thanks for the detailed repro steps!