Yeah, that Trenton McConnell

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Yeah, that Trenton McConnell

Trenton McConnell here. The guy that spaced everyone in Kleg accidently. Not sure how I managed it, still can't find all the holes in my ship causing the 02 leak I fixed several walls and a couple of floor sections, had a minor collision on returning for supplies, just seemed like a little love tap at the time, but it wasn't. Is there a damage control for dummies FAQ somewhere? I can't tell where the leak is, 02 alarm won't shut off, tank is relatively full and the pump is working.

Ha! Love the in-character tone :)

A few troubleshooting ideas:

1 - Do you see gas particles flowing through any doorways? This might help you locate generally which room is problematic. There needs to be gas present for these to appear.

2 - Gas particles will also converge on small holes and cracks in floors/walls, so you may get lucky and see the specific tile that is the problem.

3 - However, these particles only show in mostly-sealed compartments. I.e. If you mouse over a compartment and the top right says "Compartment." If it says "Exterior," that room is exposed to space, and no particles will appear. (Though on the plus side, if any room is registering as "Exterior," you've almost certainly found your problem!)

4 - It's also possible the pumps are "on" but not pumping. I.e. the rooms are not leaking, but they're below pressure and staying there. If you mouse over the pumps, does it say "idle" or "pumping?"

Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

OK I got it figured out in part, for some reason neither air pump nor the heater was working on auto mode, and I did end up having to replace the oxygen tank again, had swapped it before maybe I accidently installed a partially empty tank and it vented while I repaired the wall and floor. Now the ship gets too hot, the pumps don't just do their thing in auto for some reason. I thought maybe the sensor was messed up so I accessed both panels to take a look but couldn't see anywhere to fix anything.

OK got my detective hat on here, but pretty sure I accidently wasted everyone when I left days ago, I mean these guys are popsicles. Not sure the airlock system is working correctly, shouldn't some kind of interlock have prevented me from leaving with all their doors open without some kind of special emergency override? When I came back I think I was accidently trying to repressurize the station with my entire first 02 tank, thats why I had to replace it. Still can't figure why the "auto" setting on heaters and air pumps is not working, just seems like the sensors aren't providing the input for them to kick in or something, odd.

PS, Love your work, my last post to your forums was with a different user name about a bug I ran into in Neoscavenger where a deer ripped out an arrow I had shot into it and proceeded to stab me with it. I lol'd. Ostranauts is great so far.

Is there a wiki or manual section with the survivable levels of atmosphere pressure/02 levels/temp in Kelvin? My charactar is really an expert spacer looking at his skill list, but I'm a drunken schmuck in space.

Funny you should ask! We're actually working on some manual stuff right now, because that is definitely an area that needs more info in-game.

And specifically, one of those is a "Know Your Rights!" type labor poster of safe atmo levels.

Basically, you're ideally going to be in 20kPa O2 environments, but you can go a little while in 15-20kPa O2. Less than that, and you're going to be hypoxic soon.

N2 levels are mostly irrelevant right now, and even in reality, don't matter much unless extremely high or changing quickly.

CO2 should matter, but doesn't yet.

And temperature is ideally in the ballpark of 290-300K (17-27C). For reference, Kelvin degrees are Celsius + 273 (where 0K is absolute zero).

Hoping to have that labor cheatsheet in the next patch, though, so you can have a copy handy when you need it.

For the air pump and heater, if they don't run on auto they could be missing a connection to the sensors. To check, open the air pump control panel, and click one of the corner screws to check the wiring. There should be a gold input screw inside that you can click.

Clicking that input screw shows you a connector line and viable sensors to wire it to.

Does that make a difference?

And yeah, you're right about the airlock being pretty dumb. Eventually, I'd like to have an interlock or emergency shut feature in there. For now, though, we still have some dumb tech to deal with :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I actually figured out how to connect the auto setting back to the perspective sensors on my own. Now I'm trying to figure out how to order a crewman onto my ship? I'll just keep putting my questions here. Thanks, I'm pretty sure most of my problems were user error I took apart half the ship trying to plug those leaks.

Glad to hear it!

And don't understate the problems the game has. Still a lot of UX and quality of life fixes to be made in Ostranauts :)

Ordering a crewman onto your ship is maybe one of those cases, where the system isn't 100% working yet. It's one of the areas we're working on now, so crew can be more reliable/useful.

That said, it's technically possible to hire and steer crew around, just a bit clunky right now.

Normally, to directly control a crewman, you'd socialize with them to open the conversation UI, then choose "Direct Order" to request micromanaging them.

They can refuse, and they will if they are in a bad mood. Conversing with them (or sometimes giving them some alone time) can bring them back into an agreeable mood.

Once they agree, you can directly control them by left clicking them to select, then moving them around as you would your own captain.

Let me know if that addresses your question, or if it was more about convincing them to be hired!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I can advise you to check ALL sections of the floor in the area of ​​any buildings (be it walls or other mounted elements of the ship) by dismantling and reassembling them.
there are no other miracles.
of course, one "miracle" is possible when a ship with an "invisible crew" is captured, which begins to engage in sabotage. (well, who, tell me, might like it if someone breaks in to that house and starts to make things in the house, for example, the repair of which was not requested?) I am hinting at the case when you board a ship marked in red instead of yellow =)

I can advise you to check ALL sections of the floor in the area of ​​any buildings (be it walls or other mounted elements of the ship) by dismantling and reassembling them.