Wrap-Up and Testing

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was quite packed with action, from digging and lugging gravel around, to visiting culture fairs at the park. We were pretty exhausted by the end!

Back at the office, I am happy to report that I have finished the last of the items on my to-do list. All the bugs I know of have been solved, and the improvements I wanted to make (but were too hard) abandoned :) Tomorrow, I'll get back to testing. And if all goes well, uploading!

My first few hours today were spent on the item screen lag. I tried a few different ways of bypassing or short-cutting the image cache, as that seems to be the slow part. However, all of my attempts failed to help.

The old way of doing things, in Flash, didn't have to create sprites every time the item window opened. They just sat there in memory all the time. This was crude, but faster when opening item screens. The mobile engine, on the other hand, disposes of images as soon as they are not needed. So exiting an item screen clears all the sprites, and we have to create them again when we come back. There are ways to fix this, but not without rearchitecting the engine again. And that's not happening soon.

So, we'll live with some 0.5 second delay when switching screens for now.

I was also unable to figure out how to change the window size once the app starts. I wanted to restore whatever window size the user had last time. But there appears to be no way to do this. I can save/restore the resolution of the game, of course. And even fullscreen mode status. So I guess that'll have to do.

One thing I did do, however, was to change the default resolution from 1600x900 to 800x450. I figure anyone with a small monitor is going to get stuck after launch, otherwise.

I solved the issue of the map scrolling overflow, and creatures scrolling independently of the map near the edges. Both were solved by enforcing better scroll bounds for the camera's center target. I just had to add appropriate padding to each map edge, and it seems to work now.

Finally, I fixed a minor bug where the sleep button would ignore the first click after waking up. This could be annoying for failed sleep attempts, and especially for insomniac characters. It turned out to be a stuck camp button issue, and now works normally.

With all that done, I plan to return to my save game at the DMC, and continue testing. I'll also need to test on OSX and Linux. And it's possible those will expose new bugs. However, we may be looking at a release candidate here!