[WIP][Merge]NSE + MoD + Over + FishingMod + ShoulderMod + BottleMod + BackpackMod + Horses + DevKit + BlueRot + TrainingMod

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[WIP][Merge]NSE + MoD + Over + FishingMod + ShoulderMod + BottleMod + BackpackMod + Horses + DevKit + BlueRot + TrainingMod

So I'm working on a mod that merges a lot of other mods, right now my getmods.php looks like (see below) and all seem to be working. I'm also creating some new content that I think it makes sense after the merging, reorganizing another, etc. Nevertheless, it requires a lot more testing and time.
Since it seems there are people interested even in its current form, the link to the mod is below. Before installing my mod make sure you have all the others I mentioned in my GitHub page

I have decided to just post a package with all mods together since its easier to install. If an author of any mod don't want me to redistribute it in the package just say so.
IMPORTANT: I fixed some invalid XML syntax that was present on some of the mods, so it will be better to install everything from here.
All mods packed together archive [MasterOverride v0.12 04/05/2020]

Other mods XML fixes list:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- Line 1494: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 2574: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 2970: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 3672: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 3870: escaped '&' to '&'

- Line 253: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 344: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 367: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 390: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 495: removed extra '>' on the closing tag

- Line 20008: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 20047: escaped '&' to '&'

- Line 2124: removed extra '24031' after closing tag

- Line 39: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 78: escaped '&' to '&'
- Line 117: escaped '&' to '&'


Spoiler: Highlight to view
&strModName37=DoG&strModURL37=Mods/MOPack/Depths of Gyges/Depths of Gyges
&strModName38=0&strModURL38=Mods/MOPack/Depths of Gyges/DoGZero

I definitely am.

Ok just give me a few minutes to pack it. Also, to use it you really need to have all the mods I have on my getmods.php.

Posted a link now.

WOW! this is what I was looking for! hahaha lucky son of a bitch I am, still the NSE just got updated yesterday after eons as Chiko said.

So basically following the git instructions I can get all the mods in 1? or are you still testing? that's quite neat mate

Yeah, I have updated the mod to v0.3 because of that NSE update and yes at this point they seem to be work relatively well with each other, but there will be strange behaviors ingame for sure. I still need a lot more time to find them but if you guys find something strange just say it here and I will try to address it.

At the very end it always inputs " Updating Template-Based Items. " , row 0.

" To win a crown by fighting is great, to reject it, divine. "

Not sure why, yesterday I made a reinstall of every mod following my instructions just to make sure it would work out of the box. Try again and when you see the error it will be on the clipboard so just paste the content here and maybe I can help you afterwards.

EDIT: just posted a big archive with all mods, ready to play, try with that first.

It worked, thanks for the fix!

" To win a crown by fighting is great, to reject it, divine. "

Aren't you having compatibility issues with NSE and Overhaul? have you solved them?

Also and for being easier to us, can you consider making a big .rar archive (with all the mods) that just unrars onto the main folder?

Thanks and keep on the work!

EDIT: Already installed everything, do you want reports?
For example, at character selection, i can choose insomniac and sleeper, is it intented? im not sure if they are compatible or one excludes the other.

The main issues are solved because I just merge all the changes, when there are conflicts, made by other mods on my vanilla override and load them last to override all mod changes. Now there can be still some issues regarding new mod addictions interactions but this ones I need to find them during game play or someone and mentioned them here.
I will do now that big archive, I am not sure if the other mods authors let me do it but until someone manifests I will keep it online.

Go making an unique archive, because although i could install everything in its place, there are many things to install and modify (mod's patches and folder names) and it is easy to fail at some point.
Also it is time saving for users, i had to spend 10 minutes more or less installing and checking.

I will keep playing and report anything bugged or conflict.

Keeping on character's traits, are Knitwit and tailoring doing the same things at least in part? I mean, i remember with tailoring i think i could repair small backpacks. Maybe you could delete tailoring bag mending ability and reducing 1 point the trait so that it is worth taking both Knitwit and Tailoring (just a point of view).

I found a worn-out leather suitcase (not the devkit's initial one) but i can't put anything inside it except small objects. I think that should be changed.

Another thing, maybe unrelated, but, do you know how to repair Yukon backpacks? With NSE i couldnt find the recipe...

I will keep repacking the big archive with all mods from now on until someone tell me to stop.
I was thinking in maintaining both of them, tailoring and knitwit, in a different way but now after I read your suggestion, it really make more sense than what I was thinking. My only doubt is if I can really "delete" the bag mending recipes on tailoring without changing other mods original files. I will look into it.
About the suitcase, that are the type of issues I need to solve with the merging of the mods new content during gameplay and to be told about by the community or I experience them myself. Thank you for pointing that out, I will fix it in next pre-release.
About the Yukon repair recipe, right now you need (it will change when I implement your suggestion):
- Tailoring skill
- Quality sewing kit
- 1 Yukon backpack
- 8 rawhide patch
- 4 leather patch
- 18 small threads
- 2 strong tying object

Thanks to you and your holy work! :-)

Hello I write this here since I had no answer on the MMD page, has anyone of you managed to get the work app? I only get an empty flash drive.

I am looking into what seems to be and encounter on the MoD xml:
- "How may I serve you, Sir?" asks the clerk with a smile, as you approach the desk.
- "That test we talked about earlier - can I take it now?"
- "Oh, of course! Just put a device with your work app right here and we'll have it ready for you, Sir, in no time."
Which have a precondition saying "Have not taken the KRI test yet", not sure what is that since I am still in the beginning, and I think you need to be with "Limited hearing".
I only merged the mods, I still have trouble to know what the xml fields mean. Also, I am not sure if this is what you asked but searching on all files for "work app" only found this.

What I meant with work app is that when you get to the encounter and it should give you an app to put in a tablet or a smartphone it only gives you an empty flashdrive and I can't proceed with the encounter.

Since I didn't get to that encounter already, can you give me the text that you see on screen so it's easy for me to find it out?

The text during the encounter is this: "Full of worries, but not wanting to make a scene, you place the pass on the round spot on the counter. The clerk computer makes a loud beep after wich the man writes something on his keyboard for a few seconds.

"Here we go" he says finally "Please remove your pass and retrieve your work permit app". Heart still pounding, you strap your pass back onto your wrist and pick up a small data stick wich emerged from a small slit in the counter, right next to the sensor."

After this I open the inventory and I only get an empty data stick with nothing inside and I can't continue the encounter, since it asks me to use my work permit app wich I don't have.

I didn't try it in game, but on my MoD files, everything seems alright. Check you "M(m)MoD\neogame.xml" and see if the treasure 199 it is equal to:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
<table name="treasuretable">
<column name="id">199</column>
<column name="strName">work permit app</column>
<column name="aTreasures">0:1.1x1x1,35.1x1x1</column>
<column name="bNested">1</column>
<column name="bSuppress">0</column>
<column name="bIdentify">0</column>

If it was equal, check the if the encounter 263 is equal to:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
<table name="encounters">
<column name="id">263</column>
<column name="strName">Place you pass on the sensor</column>
<column name="strDesc">Full of worries, but not wanting to make a scene, you place the pass on the round spot on the counter. The clerk's computer makes a loud beep after which the man writes something on his keyboard for a few seconds.

"Here we go" he says finally. "Please remove your pass and retrieve your work permit app." Heart still pounding, you strap your pass back onto your wrist and pick up a small data stick which just emerged from a slit in the counter, right next to the sensor.</column>
<column name="strImg">0:EncBlank.png</column>
<column name="nTreasureID">199</column>
<column name="nRemoveTreasureID">0:0</column>
<column name="aConditions"></column>
<column name="aPreConditions"></column>
<column name="fPrice"></column>
<column name="aResponses">=264x1x0x0x0</column>
<column name="aMinimapHexes"></column>
<column name="bRemoveCreatures">0</column>
<column name="bRemoveUsed">0</column>
<column name="nItemsID">198</column>
<column name="nCreatureID">0:0</column>
<column name="ptCreatureHex">0,0</column>
<column name="ptTeleport">0,0</column>
<column name="ptEditor">0,0</column>
<column name="nType">0</column>
<column name="fLootChance">0</column>
<column name="fAccidentChance">0</column>
<column name="fCreatureChance">0</column>
<column name="vAccidents"></column>
<column name="vLoot">0:0</column>

If it was equal then I can only think in one explanation, you have more mods installed that override the "cheap memory stick" aContentIDs field after MoD and so the memory stick can't hold the MoD software

I checked the tables and they are fine also I performed a clean installation using the packaged mods you provided so maybe I installed it wrong? I just estracted them in a folder with just the basic game at the latest stable version (I think its 1.15), is this the correct way to install it?

Yes, it is. So you should have the exact file structure I have. Maybe I'm missing something. Where did you start the mission? So I will try to start it also and check what's going on.

I started it the moment I got to the Detroit, went straight to the administrative district and when I signed up for the programs I only got an empty flashdrive.

Ok, I found the issue, the problem was that NSE reduced the memory stick size to 2x1 and the software occupies 3x1. I will fix it next release, I will need to understand how to edit images since they define the item size in game, so maybe tomorrow.

Great thank you for taking the time and merging all the mods, also, regarding the clinic augmentations, I started a new game picking only a couple of skills like thoughtness and strength and it still didn't allow me to pick all the mods, by reading the other posts, I think that NSE is the mod with the most conflicts.

I've just uploaded a new release with the work app fix, now at least you will receive it, not sure if everything else related to it is working. Regarding the augmentations I think is the game itself that imposes that "Skill Space Full" condition internally after 3 surgeries since I can't seem to find in the xml files the event that adds it. Nevertheless, I think there's a possibility to remove the condition with a new option like "Reboot the immune system" as a therapy that would cost money. Ideas are welcome.

Thank you for the work app fix it was driving me nuts, as for the augmentations, I don't know if you are in contact with Chiko (the author) but when I played just NSE I could install all the surgeries in one go, maybe he know how?

Ok, i knew this could happen when merging NSE + Overhaul. Maybe im not doing it correctly but:

When i want to craft lockpicks, the recipe has changed to a pair (plier+lockpicking+2xrigid parts Or lockpicking+8wires)

I found assorted small parts (same looking as original small mechanical parts) and i couldn't make lockpicks from them. I think these small parts might suit better for builfong lockpicks?

About sewing needles with knitwit or tailoring, things almost havent changed though. Well, yes, we can use bolts and nuts as well (easier to craft).

More things: What is the use of the hobo stove? van we cook with it? or boil water?

About the lockpicks, the changes were made by MoD and NSE I think, I could re-enable the original recipe with that small parts. There are still a lot of recipes that need changes, I only changed some about knitwit and tailoring.
Looks like the hobo stove can be lit with a flame source and kindling, so maybe it's a portable flame source.

I should keep the old lockpick recipe. Maybe adding alternative recipes is ok too.

Yeah it makes sense. It will be addressed on the next release, which hopefully, will be later today.

Edit: just make another release that fixes the lockpick and some containers including the one you mentioned to be able to carry both NSE and MoD items. Still, there can be more containers with issues.

Found another bug. After upgrading to cybernetic eyes in the clinic I can't add anyother modification it just give me the option to quit.

I don't think it is a bug, but an NSE feature. There is a condition "Skill Space Full" that when happens (to me happened after I installed Aug Eye, NV and TZ) change the normal text:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
"You begin speaking with an attendant, who reviews your eligibility test results.
Fortunately, initial testing seems to indicate that you are eligible for further augmentation and prosthesis.
You are given a catalog of procedures currently offered by Haggerty."


Spoiler: Highlight to view
"You begin speaking with an attendant, who reviews your eligibility test results.
Unfortunately, initial testing indicates that you are not a good candidate for any of the prosthetic nor augmentation procedures. This is probably due to either previous surgery, or synthetic rejection complications.
However, you may still browse the procedures."

And then you can only exit.

Say, is it possible to also merge together RZU's Weapons Mod?

" To win a crown by fighting is great, to reject it, divine. "

Yes, I can merge it. Maybe this weekend I can find time to do it. It can have issues afterwards but mostly it will be working.

MarcoMartins, the Neo-Neo Scavenger hero!

Thank you, but for me the real heroes are the ones who make the mods that add new content to the game. I just merge them so their work can be enjoyed all at once without having to make choices.

I'm kinda confused on what to do with wild horses, it doesn't seem that I can equip them in the vehicle screen and there is to way to interact with them outside of finding them in open fields. So unless there's somekind of hidden crafting recipe, I am absolutely lost. Has anyone figured out how they're suppose to work or is this part of the mod just bugged

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Only a reined horse can be equipped as a vehicle, to tame a horse you need the taming skill, a wild horse and reins. You can build reins from string or from cloth by having the taming skill and 20 medium thread or 2 medium absorbent, non-rigid, non-springy sheet. The recipes are supposed to appear on scrap of papers but maybe they should be know right after picking the taming skill.

Thanks for the help. Knew that the taming skill was involved but I thought it would be something like a food+taming recipe. Idk if it might be a bug that yhe reins recipe didn't show up.

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

It's been a while since I've logged in. Whoever made all these mods, thank you very much.

MarcoMartins, I appreciate the time you spent packaging all these mods together, very nice work.

Has anyone tried using these with the "test" build yet?

I'm using Stable 1.15 + all these mods.

I have noticed a few small things that made the game harder, or easier

Spoiler: Highlight to view
like not being able to put plastic bottles into the med kit anymore. Or that medicine bottles now have 3 spots instead of 2.

I haven't tested for any bugs yet, since this is the first time that I'm actually using mods

Spoiler: Highlight to view
"except for those dang fleas from the dirty blanket lol"

but have noticed a few misspellings.

Your welcome, but yes there are for sure unbalanced things with the merge that I will try to address very later on (after fixing some more pertinent issues). If you find out something strange just comment here and I will keep that in mind.

put the getmod in a spoiler box, or better yet, just put it in a file...

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Thank you for the suggestion, it's on a spoiler now. I didn't know how to do that when I created this thread and then it didn't occur to me to do that afterward. Also, It is already a file present on the archives.

Cant seem to train in the ATN Enclave. The only option is to leave. Do i have to do smth to be able to train?

I will try to check this out. Right now I don't have an answer for you.

Hi, there is a bug, not checked if vanilla or mod related.
At the craft screen, pills containers doesn't show up.

Edit: Another conflict bug: I can light a torch with a depleted (empty) cigarette lighter.

Thank you for finding that out, I will investigate that about the bottle pills to see if it was intentional or if it was a merge issue. The later one it is an issue for sure.

Hi! Thank you for keeping the modding scene alive and continue that Mega Merged Mod in a sense.

Do you plan to merge the Depths of Gyges mod? it's the only mod in this forum that I never get a chance to try after all these years.

Since there are requests for some other mods and there are still too many issues to be fixed and more will rise afterward, I have decided to code a tool to help me out with both of the tasks, so right now I'm coding that tool that will be available first as a viewer for game items, recipes, etc.
In the future, I will see what I can do with that mod.

The work app still doesn't appear to be working. I checked the mmod neogame.xml, it doesn't look anything like the others, am I looking in the wrong place? I've done fresh installs to neo scavenger and the pack, both from the archived pack and the github master, still no joy. What am I doing wrong?

Also, you can't train at the atn. I don't know about the dmc.