[WIP] Backpack Mod

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[WIP] Backpack Mod

Hello everyone! This is my first mod pretty much so it might be a little rough around the edges or buggy. It only simply adds another endgame backpack that can be obtained rarely from shacks in forests, the junk market, and it's also been added to the DMC guard load-out because why not, they don't already have backpacks so why not give them their own? The backpack itself has 11x11 slots(1 bigger on both sides than the Yukon), and is fully black and also degrades slower than the Yukon backpack.

I made two versions, one for people with NSE and one for people without NSE. If you don't have NSE, take this link, Without NSE

and for the people who do have NSE and want to merge, take this link, With NSE

i'm always open to suggestions on more stuff I could try to put in this mod or improve upon in the already existing stuff in the mod right now.

Also, thanks and props to Layarion for helping me make my mod from the start, I really appreciate it.

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I have included your mod on my merged mod, they are neat. Only thing that is somewhat annoying is the fact that the backpack image does not occupy all the space that it occupies in game and so when you add it to a vehicle it seems that there is some free space when it doesn't exist. Can you just center the image or stretch it horizontally?

I'm planning on updating my mod all together at the moment actually, sorry it's going slow at the moment but it should be up soon, I plan on making my mod a mod pack instead of just one single type of item, I have one new weapon done and i'm working on another for DMC guards with plenty of customization and such just like the hunting rifle, the sprites are almost all done and then the actual coding stuff is next but yeah, I'll look at the sprites for the backpack to see if I can fix it, thank you.

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No problem, when you release it I will update your changes on my merge mod the best I can. I maintain the original mod files and mention the original topic on the readme for every one of them, afterwards, I just override what I need in my mod to add new properties, conditions, etc that makes sense considering all mods merged together.
Tank you for producing great new content for the game.

Not sure if this mod is still being worked on but I fixed the empty spaces in the sprites in case anybody still wants it. Download

@Jin0719 I can't seem to use your version since I don't have NSE. What do I need to edit for it to work?