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Winter MOD

Turn Michigan into winter.
*This is my old creation. Please don't expect well-supported, or well-tested.


-Changed game starting day to 1/1(which means climate setting is changed).

-When you find bottled cola/water, sometimes bottle will be frozen.
Frozen bottles needs to be melted.

-Water source will be frozen.
Frozen water source can be malted, or cracked.

-Raw meat will be frozen by time, and spoil slower.

-Cooked meat, tannin tea, boiled water will be "hot" one.
"Hot" food/drink will gives you temp boost,
but turns into cold(less effective than vanilla).

-Condensed soup can be cooked with water.

-Drinks can be heated, but bottle cannot hold hot drinks.

-Randomly add "snow covered land" to field, make battle moves unstable.

*Added Items

-Added some goods for prevent the cold.

-blanket: Can use like sleeping bag.

-"Spellflinger" wood stove: Can make fire with some wood.
But turns into "begrimed" after use, needs to be clean(with rag).

-"Surefire" electric heater: Needs some battery to use, but can bring with you.

-snowball: Generate from "snow covered land". Throwable, but inflicts no damage.
If you heat(needs 2+), snowball turns into water.

*Download link

*Recommended Mod
With Galahir950's Winter Wonderland Mini-Mod, make things more snowy!
If you wanna merge, override "0\img\HexSheetXXX.png".

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