Windows Done, Testing Mac

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was packed full of...well, everything. Eating, yard work, hosting guests, visiting festivals. A lot of fun, but man, we're exhausted.

Back at work, I resumed putting the finishing touches on the Windows build. A few extra log messages to help users with debugging, a custom desktop message file from which to get news when the game launches, a fix to the loading bar. Pretty minor stuff.

Then, I spent about an hour or so playtesting with Kaaven's MmoD (seen in today's picture). So far, so good! Everything seems to work in modding still, so I think Windows is officially ready! (It was also refreshing to explore the mod, as I still haven't seen much of it in action.)

After that, I checked-in my changes, setup VSCode on my MacBook, and started testing there. At first, it was looking pretty smooth. I had a few bumps in the road with project setup due to Windows-only settings and libraries I had forgotten. However, the game won't do much beyond show the title screen. Hard crash when I start a game, or even click on a link.

And to make matters worse, it seems debugging isn't working yet on OSX. I get a debug build, but the build can't connect with the IDE, so I'm left with cryptic error messages after the game crashes. And none of the useful breakpoints and code stepping I need to figure out why.

I'm hoping this is just a configuration issue. Maybe I missed something in setup. And hopefully, I can nail these bugs and move on to Linux soon!