Widget Art Done, Adding to Unity Now

Hey Folks! I've got just about all the Photoshopping I need done now for the reactor UI, and I'm beginning work on implementing it in Unity.

There were a few more UI elements I needed before work in Unity could begin, and they mostly involved light-up and interactive pieces. In today's screenshot, you can see most of the elements all together. From left to right, they include:

  • 7-segment display (for numerical readouts)
  • Indicator lamps
  • 1D scroller/slider
  • Rocker on/off switch
  • Back-lit push button (with optional cover)
  • Knob
  • LED indicators

Plus the overall panel and screws, which can be "9-sliced" in Unity to elegantly stretch to any needed size without stretching the screw or edge art.

Just about everything on the final control panel uses one or more of these pieces. The one thing that was missing was a font that supports Chinese (Simplified). I had compatible fonts in Photoshop, but if I need to use text in Unity's UI layout, it requires a font be loaded into the game engine. So I grabbed a Google font with simplified Chinese and ASCII support for UI labels.

I've hinted at it before in some other news posts, but Xinhua (a future incarnation of China) is a major player in the world of NEO Scavenger. And this goes especially in space, where pretty much everyone speaks either or both of English and Chinese. Hence, all of the indicators and controls are bilingual. A lot of the in-universe UI in the game, as well as news, packaging, and signage will similarly feature both languages.

Other languages are still used, of course. Some big influences include (Brazilian) Portuguese, Indonesian/Filipino, and Niger-Congo languages (from the space elevators in each region), as well as a handful of others, such as Russian and Japanese. Chinese and English are the lingua franca of the Solar System, however.

So far, I've got a basic battery meter almost working in a test scene in Unity. I have a bit more logic to add to it before I move on to some of the other subpanels I showed in the black and white layout last week. And hopefully, once these are all in Unity, I can get it to animate in a satisfying way for the upcoming video!

Tags: Ostranauts