Why can't I Last in this game?????

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Why can't I Last in this game?????

I've been playing for about 6 months. I had fun at first. I know the game, I know theoretically how to keep my guy alive. I arm him, make him fast, engage at range, drink only sterile water, have botany for the berries, mechanical for the travois.

However, I can't stop dying and relatively early, usually around completing the urn mission. I'll load my guy with a shotgun and multiple shells, and he'll die of sepsis out of nowhere although I dress all wounds. I'll be armed with a rifle, but a blue frog f'er comes out of nowhere and hits me with a slug on the first shot. I want to see what happens but honestly I don't think I'll ever get the chance. I make sure never to fight with melee, never to leave anything to chance, but I'm getting killed everytime anyway. What am I doing wrong.

Well whilst I’m not exactly a pro at the game I can do pretty decent/successful runs my advice is to always make sure you got trapping that shist no matter what always helps try melee more man also I always try to get to the dmc quickly too so that way you got all the stuff you need i was able to make a living off of ganking the looters going towards dmc saved up for the augmentation upgrades and just started wrecking stuff but bruh if your gonna go ranged all the time it might help to get athletic and hiding/tracking so you can easily get out of their range whilst staying at a range you can use and if diseases are your concern try using fresh rag and put a rag on your face (btw clean or dirty rags don’t do a difference)

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it might help to get athletic and hiding/tracking so you can easily get out of their range whilst staying at a range

Nothing of this helps when a blue frogger appears out of thin air and hits you so hard that you can't do anything anymore. That's just unfair.

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Sepsis is the worst. How in the heck am I supposed to beat this. It is unbelievable. I now start off even better than I was when I wrote this post. I make a run to zom zoms at the beginning. I always play Athletic- for sprint and to keep distance, Botany- For berries, Strong- For searching, Mechanic, for Travois, Hacking- For extra money and to learn about the game world. I have myopic, feeble (probably the cause of the sepsis) and metabolism.
I honestly cannot avoid sepsis. I dress wounds immediately, I know I probably should wash the wound, but how much time do I have to waste to search for and boil water every time my guy gets a scratch. Honestly I don't know how anyone beats this game.

As you say, sepsis is the worst. So that, I try to avoid getting injured at all costs. I don't enter any melee combat unless its unavoidable or Philips has the advantage.
For that purpose, i choose hiding and ranged. I travel (sometimes) and sleep hidden and when sleeping I use noise traps.
That's not perfect, sometimes I got caught and it's about luck. In those cases, cleaning wounds with whisky or tanning tea helps before using clean rags.
Too tedious? Maybe, it depends how risky or fast you want to go.

Ranged is always a good way for you to last longer, but consider playing a large range of builds. A variety of knowledge goes a long way, and sometimes it's a stranger build that works better. Personally, I always go melee and tough (it gives a large range of bonuses).

Some general game tips:

  • Slings are very effective.
  • Having two spears can work. A dedicated battle build that includes melee and ranged can see 1 spear thrown at short distance, and the other to strike with.
  • Always break down clothes you aren't wearing, and have no intention of selling. Sometimes you just need extra string.
  • If you have the right skills in your build, there's nothing stopping you from immediately going for special traits. Zom Zom's, the ATN, and the Fairgrounds are all close to each other. After that it's just a matter of heading to the DMC.

Not an extensive list, but one I feel could help. It's very important to find a build that works for you, but you shouldn't just stick to one.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

That depends on your skills.

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