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Final Moments:

Player is bleeding internally.
Player is stunned and unable to move for a moment.
Player is weary.
Player is in minor pain, and some activities are affected.
** End Turn **
Blue Frog Cultist is bleeding.
Blue Frog Cultist attacks Player...and hits!
Blue Frog Cultist demolished Player's upper chest with a monkey wrench.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is coughing up blood.
Player is bleeding internally.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is unconscious.
Player fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player is in severe pain, and is having trouble concentrating.
Player's heart stopped, and will likely die soon.
Player: ...zzz...
Player passed out from unbearable pain.
** End Turn **
Player: ...zzz...
Player died due to cardiac arrest.

*Player died due to cardiac arrest.*
since when do you just get cardiac arrest out of nowhere
Just imagine this
You are fighting the most skilled fighter in the wasteland, he is about to lunge at you, and suddenly, he grips his chest and flops to the ground.

God damn, died from a traumatic brain injury again.Better start a new- i mean go to an alternate universe

Cardiac arrest can be caused by internal bleeding. It isn't usually the case, but with severe internal bleeding, especially in the chest, it can happen. Shock can also cause cardiac arrest. If you read the whole log, you'll find that you died because the cultist hit you really hard in the chest. Hard enough to put you into severe pain, and also fracture a rib.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)