Wendigo mod idea

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Wendigo mod idea

So I always felt that the wendigo transformation trait is a one trick pony of you getting it the first time and seeing how bad it is to just never do it again. I was thinking if there was a way to just give some buffs at the later stages like strong trait or nightvision to help hunt more prey? special combat moves?
Some dogman interactions could be fun too, like you slowy turning towards one, or perhaps they just become neutral to you out of fear or perhabs kinship? Coul be balanced with the usual hunger check plus you "forgeting" recipes, items wear down quicker due you being more brutal with them, previus friendly npc's turn hostile at single glance. ATN warriors could use the insense to weaken you or make you faint.
Just a diferent way to play the game and going full into the "evil" or more savage side. If anyone has any idea how hard would this be if you start from 0 modding experience I might just do it myself.