Welcome Charis, BBG's New Community Manager!

Hey Folks!

Starting today, you're going to see a new face around the various BBG's channels. Let's say a warm "hello" to Charis, our new Community Manager!

Charis was previously working with Cinder Cone (check out their upcoming Skeleton Crew!), helping their social channels and community to stay vibrant and welcoming. And with BBG's sprawling community spread across many sites, I'm looking forward to having a similar helping hand!

Charis is going to be helping in several key ways going forward, but the main goals are to make the community better, and make me (Dan) more efficient.

Making Me More Efficient

I've been spending roughly 30-40% of my time on community involvement and PR, and that cuts into development time. Having a dedicated person to spend that time for me means I can do more of what fans want most: make Ostranauts better.

Also, rather than relying on me to hopefully notice a review, forum post, or comment, Charis can help make sure feedback doesn't slip through the cracks, and can make sure I'm participating in conversations where I'm needed.

Making the BBG Community Better

When it comes to community management, I'm kind of a dinosaur. I just manually poke around and reply to things, manually copy and paste announcements to different feeds, remain oblivious to useful tools like Discord bots, etc. (For example, I only just discovered my Discord was eligible for official status by accident last week!)

Charis has new tricks to bring to bear, and that means a community with more utility to players.

This also means more communication and updates. With someone dedicated to managing the community, there's more time for messaging new features and events to community members across the different sites. Steam, Discord, Twitter, BBG's Official Site...all of these can get more consistent attention.

Overall, I'm pretty excited to have Charis joining us. I think it's going to be an exciting new phase of faster progress and more transparency.

So welcome aboard, Charis! Good to have you with us.