Welcome Back!

Happy 2018, Folks! After two weeks of (mostly) trying to stay away from work, I think I'm pretty well recharged and ready to get back to business.

Unfortunately, those two weeks of absence meant a lot of email and admin tasks piled up. So that's where today started. Getting various federal tax forms collected and sent, paying business license taxes, catching up on emails and forum posts...such is the exciting life of running a business.

Once that was done, however, I was able to dive into a more exciting task: reviewing Michael's latest work on locations in The System. From Mars to Mercury, 1036 Ganymed to Pallas, it was quite a whirlwind tour of the system! Lots of working, breathing places to make The System feel more alive.

So far, we've got 12 on the table, and just about all of them are approved. And more importantly, each has a unique collection of interesting plot hooks, people, and places to explore. I can't wait to start utilizing them in some of the game systems I hope to tackle this year!

And what the heck is that image, you ask? It's one of the few work things I did allow myself over break. I'm considering a title screen that is sort of the view from a ship's console, with hints of onboard ship activity in the background. Something kind of like STALKER's or Metro's title screens, but a bit lower res. (Alien: Isolation's options screen is also a point of reference.) This image is just a mockup I was trying in MagicaVoxel.