Weird Wraith Encounter

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Weird Wraith Encounter

It might just be me, but I have found no other mention of this encounter, anywhere.

Upon leaving the Saginaw Institute with the medical supply gift from the blue frog queen, I was met instantly with an encounter from a 'scattering shadow', with the Wraith's image, wherein it through a broken gas mask at me. Is this normal and I just failed to find any reference to this, and has anyone else encountered this? Forgive me if I'm just being stupid, but it piqued my curiosity. Since I can't seem to add images, here is the text:

"You stop dead in your tracks when a scattering shadow appears before you, resolving its formlessness from thin air, making and unmaking itself along the fringes. Below a pale mask on what looks like its head, a bronze light burns. And there is fury in the light.

With a movement no human body could make, the wraith hurls something at you, then vanishes. You nearly fall back at the force, but manage to stay upright.

You look down. It's a crumpled gas mask with a broken beak."

By the way, I am already multiple days into the game and have been to Detroit, Zom Zom's, the strange forest, ATC, e.c.t. But not the hidden lake for some reason.

Yes, it's a reference, but not to another game.
"You look down. It's a crumpled gas mask with a broken beak." you have probably already guessed that this is the bishops.

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The Wraith is an actual enemy in the game. If you take off your talisman it will come after you. PS, get the mega-traits before attacking it. If you've already been to all of those places, you're well on your way to getting them.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Thanks. So, is this a common encounter to have with the merga wraith? I never seem to have had this pop up before. Have you had it?

It's a scripted encounter based off an event. The gas mask is that of the Blue Frog Bishop.