We need Chinese on ios and android phones.

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We need Chinese on ios and android phones.

We need Chinese, whether it's PC or android or ios. Because the words in the game are too difficult, we Chinese people can not understand, if there is Chinese 。we are willing to pay 68 yuan to buy.

We need the Chinese version, and the developers are interested in the Chinese market, and the Chinese are one of the best propaganda countries.

Hi 莫凯翔,

I saw your email, but I'll reply here since translation comes up a lot, and other people might be interested in the information.

I would love to translate NEO Scavenger into other languages. There are players in many other places who enjoy the game, but cannot read everything because of language barriers.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it seems. And in fact, NEO Scavenger is basically the worst possible case for translation. There are reasons not to translate a game, and NEO Scavenger has almost every single one.

First of all, the game currently does not support any non-latin glyphs. I created the fonts in the game by hand, and they only show English characters. I would need to either manually draw more glyphs in my custom fonts, or replace the in-game fonts with larger glyph sets, or add some sort of font-swapping system.

Secondly, many UI sprites have English in them, and would have to be redrawn in each new language. If you look in the game's images, you can see which ones need changing. And furthermore, words have different sizes/lengths in each language, so the UI would have to be redesigned to accommodate these different sizes. Probably a slightly different layout for each language.

Also, there are almost 180,000 words in the data files, plus the aforementioned words in graphics, and hard-coded words in the source. This is a very large translation task.

Finally, which languages should I support? I could add Chinese, but then, what about Russian? German? French? Polish? Spanish? Japanese? Korean? Adding any of these languages would be very expensive and time consuming. But if I only did one, or a few, people in other languages would be upset that I ignored them.

Ultimately, this is my fault. I made the worst possible type of game for translation. The engine is not translation/modding friendly, there are too many words, and the code/images have words baked into them.

If I ever see an opportunity to make the game more translation friendly, I'll do my best. Like I said, I want it to be friendly to non-English gamers. But it may not be possible for me to afford such a big project.

I apologize for the bad game design. I will try to make my future games more localization friendly!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

In China, the game has been translated by some computer geeks, and the translation has reached 90%. It also includes many pictures of English, which I know is a tort. But we like this game, we have to download the cracked version.

I appreciate the effort that fans have put into translations so far. But even if fans translate 100% of the game's text and images, there is still a large amount of work to be done behind the scenes. (Engine changes, UI redesign, translating hard-coded text.)

If my studio had a team of people, this is something I would happily assign a few team members to work on. However, my studio only has one person, and that's me. I can only work on one thing at a time.

I do hire contractors occasionally to help with certain tasks, but I have to be really careful about limiting that, because my budget is small. This type of task would likely be months of full-time work, and would not be cheap.

I am sorry to have to say "no" here, as I'd love for more players to experience the game. But I cannot handle this task right now.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games