We May Have a Problem

Hey Folks! Looks like the new build isn't all it's cracked up to be. So far, out of two tests reported by users, only one had any amount of success. And even that was wanting.

It appears the game won't even launch on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. Just crashes the moment the app window opens. After hearing this reported, I spent most of my morning finding a Win7 machine here to test with, and at least I can verify the crash locally. Unfortunately, not much info to go on in the crash. Though poking around the internet seems to point to an issue with setting the renderer/context.

The other user reported fairly smooth sailing at first. But after a while, the app grew slower, and eventually crashed. And did not appear to save the game during.

Neither of these are an improvement over the Flash build. And are, in fact, probably worse. Releasing this build would cut-off anyone earlier than Windows 8 for certain (either due to this rendering bug, or the 32bit/64bit discrepancy). And anyone with more recent Windows would see an eventual crash while playing. Potentially due to a memory leak.

I'm going to have to think hard on this tonight. I might poke around the code a bit more tomorrow, as I finally got a small test app to repro the bug on Win 7, which is faster than a full game build. But this is leaving a really sour taste in my mouth. And I'm not interested in spending another couple weeks (or months) rebuilding the game with a new rendering architecture.

This might have to wait until I have more time to tease it apart and put it back together again. But like I said, I'll have to think about it tonight.


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You could always release the new version as as NS1 "Game of the Year" edition (or something like that). :)

This way, players with the old version can continue to run it as-is (with no more updates), having support for older OSes. GOTY development and updates could continue. To ease the pain, players with the old version could receive a free license to the GOTY version.

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NeoScav Version 1.3 4413 works on Win7 64-bit for me. No problems loading the game.
The software-displaying-even-when-device-is-off bug is there, disappears after trying to turn the device on, whether it can or not. Tested on both the smartphone and laptop.
Screenshot - https://imgur.com/a/aPlFI6M
Haven't run into anything else so far, but I'm only about 30 min in.

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Aaaand on exit and restart, le crash.
The logfile has two lines -
[2018-08-29 21:27:37] NEO Scavenger Version: v1.3.0 4413
[2018-08-29 21:27:37] Save location: C:\Users\(obfuscated - user name is different)\AppData\Roaming\Blue Bottle Games\NEOScavenger\/nsSGv1.dat

What's with the '/' before the savefile name?

Deleting contents of save folder allows the game to start.

Files in save folder-

Could we have a official-like sticky post or subforum for testing please?
Smallish suggestion for down the track - be able to pick where saves go.

When one's bedroom door hands one the doorknob, it's a very strange thing indeed.

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@ra1, I think I'm going to try a few more ideas, so it isn't gone yet. And keeping the old Flash version around is probably necessary for compatibility.

Ideally, I don't want to make a separate product for NS GOTY (or NS+ or whatever we're calling it :). I'm sort of expecting old users just get the new one for free. Which I admit might be a bit naive of me as a business person, but...

@roofcrawler, thanks for the info! Weird that it runs for you and not the other Win7 64-bit tests so far. And weirder that it has to do with the contents of the save folder. The unfortunate implication there is that we have yet another crash bug to find and fix :(

Good point about the forum post, though! I've setup a thread here.

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I can't tell you anything new unfortunately. It just crashes with an access violation on my Win 7 64 system.

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Thanks for trying anyway, Malacodor. It looks like this is probably due to unsupported OpenGL (2?) calls on certain systems, and my attempts to work around it via software rendering/ANGLE library tricks are only partially successful.

I might have to call it.

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