Ways to sell parts if the Fixer has died?

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Ways to sell parts if the Fixer has died?

Hey all,

So I only recently picked the game up and am braving my first real run. Started with a salvage ship, took over a derelict, started scrapping other ships and returned to OKLG with a hold full of valuable parts to sell.
Went and found the Fixer, talked them up, found out what I could sell then went back to my ship to haul some parts over.
However by the time I got back the Fixer and several other NPC's were dead and naked on the floor with many more unable to open the door to get in or out of the bar.
If I click on the Fixer it still gives me the option to trade with them but they're uh...not forthcoming since their untimely demise.
So three questions:
- Is it just a glitch that NPC's die on the station enmasse sometimes?
- Can I use console commands or something to respawn the NPC's on the ship?
- If I can't respawn them is there another merchant somewhere that will take my goods?

Finding I'm now without enough seed money to start gigs so I can't really make a profit that way either.
Would appreciate any help!

Hey! Thanks for askin'

NPCs all dying on the station is a bug, sorry about that!

There are some gigs that have 0 start cost, and there's also the scrap and salvage kiosks in the port that you can sell to.
("WE BUY ̶S̶CRAP" [blue], and "LICENCEES ONLY" [yellow] once you have a bit more money!)