Walls, Auto-Tile Fixes, and OOO

Hey Folks! Just a short update today, as I had a work call most of the afternoon.

I managed to figure out the weird edge cases I was getting on the auto-tiling conduits, which turned out to be due to the way material instances are named. I had to force each new sharedMaterial to have a more sensible name, so that it would re-use the correct one when choosing. Conduits seem to be behaving now, and I've gone and replaced all the old hand-placed ones with the auto-tiled ones. So far, so good!

(There might be one remaining issue with displaying them on rotated ships, though.)

I also started working on some auto-tiled walls. I'd like for walls to be a bit more graphically interesting than a beige block, and to show junctions and such. You can see some of those design styles on the right side of today's image.

The one trick I'm finding is that if I don't fill the entire grid square, we can see through to the floor. And if we see through to the floor, we have one of two options:

1 - Floor tiles will stick out a little bit outside the ship.
2 - Space will stick in a little bit into the ship.

Either that, or we need a more complex wall auto-tiling that knows about inside vs. outside of the ship. Plus things like lights would have to hang a bit closer to the wall so they don't appear to be floating. Or maybe something else?

Anyway, some more design work is required here to find the right solution.

Finally, I'll be out of the office for the rest of the week. I should be back on Tuesday. I'll still be around and have email access, but I won't be working at my desk those days. So I might be slower to respond.

Hope everyone has a good one while I'm off, and talk to you soon!