Virginia is the capital city of Titan, an offworld territory of the United States. Titan is known for its technological superiority, the abundance of its natural resources, and its aggressive foreign policy.

  • Government: Presidential republic
  • Head of state: Governor-General Harrison 'Harry' Parr
  • Sovereignty: De jure owned by the Old United States, de facto independent
  • Location: Titan, Saturn
  • Established: 2025/2031
  • Major ports: Cassini spaceport
  • Industries: Volatiles, shipbuilding
  • Currency: USD
  • Population estimate: 8,000,000
  • Languages: English
  • Religions: Christianity


The United States sent the manned mission Kronos-1 to Titan in 2025 after the completion of the Armstrong Space Elevator. The Kronos arrived in 2026 after an eight month voyage and established Othrys Base. Kronos 2 and 3 followed in 2027 and 2029. In 2031, the Discovery Fleet arrived at Titan with the intention of building Othrys into a permanent settlement, Virginia.

Titan’s growth throughout the colony rush is popularly attributed to a nationwide reaffirmation of American exceptionalism, and the realisation of an intergenerational promise of space travel particular to Americans since the first Moon landing. A double digit growth of the US GDP in 2032 was linked to the promise of the space colony, as well as then-recent revival of rust belt states like Michigan.

Titan’s prosperity continued for decades after the US downturn, but ended with the advent of Kessler Syndrome. The effect of the event on Titan has been compared to the effect of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. It marked the shift to a new foreign policy, the Taylor doctrine, which argued for the need to police Trans-Neptunian space to ensure Titan’s survival. The Titanian Congress passed emergency laws reforming its military, making Titan one of the few offworld colonies to maintain a standing military.


Titan ships and habitats are state of the art, and the wealth of scientific and engineering acumen on Virginia and other Titan-controlled colonies exceeded the rest of the System until very recently. The United States military-industrial complex - multinational military contractors like Langdon-Phillips, Weber Tools & Oil, and Smartlink, as well as NASA’s Outer Space Command - made Titan its offworld headquarters.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

A founding myth in an idealistic meter.

To the garden out of season came the pilgrims from the stars,
Weak of arm but blessed with reason, planting disassembled spars.

What became of quiet dreaming, honest toil by early light,
Shall at last, in twilight’s gleaming, all-declaim a nation’s might.

Artificial wilderness, a paradise as yet unmade,
By degrees has borne an heiress, furrows free of soil or spade.

New Virginia, New Dominion, farthest flung of satellites,
Raised aloft by waxen pinion, guarded by angelic flights.

On the seventh day we rested, harvest home and flocks abed,
Careless with a faith untested, underneath a sky like lead.

In the darkness of the future lay an evil serpentine,
Coiled in the holy suture, there to strike our palatine

Cataclysm! Genocide! A trillion souls consigned to hell!
Trapped beneath the vulgar hide of Hecate’s chtonic spell!

None foresaw the avalanche, the whizzing shrapnel fusillade,
Stripping leaves from trunk to branch and casting Earth in deadly shade.

None foresaw the aberration, freed at last from rule of law,
Cast the sheep as wolves within our shelters built of thatch and straw.