Video Work and Lighting Bug

Hey Folks! Bit of a short update today, to go with a shorter day. Plus, a lot of the stuff I did today was more administrivia.

I had to cut a new gameplay video for NEO Scavenger to be used on the Kartridge store. This one is meant to be a background video, so needed to be shorter, looping, and more demonstrative than a typical trailer. A couple hours to record the footage and cut it together, then notify parties waiting for it.

And speaking of video, I'm in talks now with M. Joshua Cauller to do an announcement teaser for the space prototype. I really need to get this thing's name out there so folks can start following it, or else it'll fizzle on launch. But I want to make sure the pages I setup for it at least have something worth visiting. (And ideally, telling friends about!) So we've started spitballing some ideas for a trailer, what to show, etc. Should be exciting!

Finally, I dipped my toe back into the code for a little bit at the end of the day, just to see if I could make headway on the broken electronics I found yesterday. I think I at least found repro steps to help me narrow things down.

In today's image, I started placing pillars, lights, and conduits connecting them all. Hoping to find one light that fails to connect to the grid. And in the process of laying conduit, I hit a strange bug.

If you look at the image, there are two holes in the ground. If I attempt to place conduit anywhere in that column of tiles, conduits get added, but the game acts as if there are no conduits there. And tracing through the code, it seems that raycasting into that tile turns up nothing.

Everywhere else seems fine (so far, at least). So what's up with that column? What's special about it?

In the scene, there are definitely tiles there. And nothing to set them apart from those around them. Interesting mystery! And hopefully once I figure it out, it's just a quick fix to get ship power systems fully functional again.